Riku Ilvesluoto has announced his resignation as the CEO of department store group J. Kärkkäinen due a disagreement between him and major shareholder Juha Kärkkäinen over Magneettimedia, a freely-distributed newspaper published by the retailer. Kärkkäinen, as the editor-in-chief, currently stands accused of ethnic agitation over a series of controversial articles published in the free-sheet last autumn. The prosecutor believes the articles to have slandered the Jewish community in Finland and is consequently demanding that Kärkkäinen be sentenced to a probation order and that the retailer be imposed a corporate fine of 45,000 euro. Kärkkäinen has contested the charge in court, insisting that he is a member of the alternative media. The District Court of Ylivieska-Raahe is set to deliver its verdict in the case on 21 October.