The Helsinki Expo and Convention Centre has significantly bolstered the economic and employment landscape of the Helsinki metropolitan area, delivering a remarkable EUR 187 million in economic impact and creating 2,535 person-years of employment in 2023. This marks a substantial 46% increase compared to the previous year's EUR 128 million and 1,740 person-years, according to a study by market research firm Taloustutkimus.

The Centre’s activities, including trade fairs, meetings, congresses, and special events, have drawn visitors and exhibitors whose spending on accommodation, dining, travel, and local shopping has fueled this economic boom. CEO Anni Vepsäläinen highlighted the Centre's role in supporting sustainable growth and providing diverse job opportunities. “Our economically and socially responsible business supports sustainable growth and offers job opportunities for people from different backgrounds,” said Vepsäläinen. “Our growing impact on income and employment in the Helsinki metropolitan area demonstrates the social significance of our business.”

Adhering to its mission of "growth through encounters," Helsinki Expo and Convention Centre has embedded sustainable growth into its core strategy. This includes promoting customer businesses, inspiring visitors, and fostering a resilient business community with a focus on social, economic, and environmental sustainability.

In 2023, the Centre hosted 61 trade fairs and 486 other events, including the launch of the new BÖLE Arena & Club facility and service concept. These events attracted over 870,000 visitors, underlining the Centre’s pivotal role in driving regional tourism and business activities.

The Centre’s contributions will be celebrated during the Global Exhibitions Day on June 5, organized by The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI). This day highlights the importance of exhibitions in promoting global trade and economic development.

As the Helsinki Expo and Convention Centre continues to thrive, its economic and social contributions set a benchmark for the exhibition industry, reinforcing its vital role in the Helsinki metropolitan area’s growth and sustainability.