VR Group, Finland's leading railway company, has successfully completed the acquisition of MTRX, the long-distance train operations of MTR Nordic. This strategic move marks VR's entry into the Swedish rail market, with MTRX now operating under the VR brand.

The acquisition, initially announced in February and approved by the Swedish Competition Authority, includes the integration of all 130 MTRX employees into VR's long-distance operations.

The popular passenger route between Stockholm and Gothenburg will continue uninterrupted, with VR's branding expected to be in full display by this fall.

"The Swedish market for commercial long-distance travel is about twice the size of Finland's, and rail transport has a much larger share of passenger traffic. This acquisition is a significant step for us, providing an opportunity for profitable growth in a highly competitive market where customer experience is key," stated Elisa Markula, CEO of VR Group. "MTRX has set high standards for customer experience, as recognized by the Swedish Quality Index for eight consecutive years. We are committed to continuing this legacy and enhancing it with our industry expertise."

VR plans to leverage its expertise to innovate and improve services for Swedish passengers, including the development of modern digital customer service channels and new restaurant concepts. The acquisition is also a strategic preparation for increasing rail competition in Finland, allowing VR to gain valuable experience from the more competitive Swedish market.

MTRX, operating since 2015, has been a prominent player in the Stockholm-Gothenburg corridor with six Stadler FLIRT trains running 126 services weekly. This represents over a third of the total services on this route. In 2022, MTRX reported a revenue of approximately 350 million SEK.

"Integrating MTRX into our operations strengthens our position in the Swedish market and promises to deliver enhanced services and quality to our Finnish passengers as well," Markula added. "I warmly welcome the MTRX team to VR. Together, we will create even better travel experiences for Nordic train travelers."

This acquisition aligns with VR's strategic goals of profitable growth and improved competitive standing in the Nordic rail industry, aiming to bring high-quality public transport services to a broader audience.