A woman at the Employment Agency in Helsinki, Finland. LEHTIKUVA


In a significant show of support for the Finnish government's planned employment measures, a recent survey conducted by the Chambers of Commerce (Kauppakamarit) reveals that a vast majority of businesses are in favor of these reforms. Nationally, 74% of businesses agree with the government's implementation plans, while in the Riihimäen-Hyvinkään region, this number rises to a striking 89%.

The government's measures, which include reforms to unemployment insurance, increased local bargaining, and limiting political strikes, have been well-received within the business community. Juho Romakkaniemi, CEO of Keskuskauppakamari, highlighted that these reforms are expected to significantly enhance productivity, employment, and overall Finnish welfare. Similarly, Marja Heinimäki of the Riihimäen-Hyvinkään kauppakamari emphasized the need for these measures, particularly in light of the economic setbacks Finland faces compared to its competitor nations.

However, the survey also shed light on the potential impact of the labor union's planned strikes in February. Approximately 45% of businesses nationwide and 48% in the Riihimäen-Hyvinkään area reported that such strikes would adversely affect their operations. The strikes, aimed against government actions, inadvertently harm Finnish companies and, by extension, the national economy. Heinimäki condemned these political strikes, noting their detrimental effects on businesses and the potential risks they pose to Finnish jobs.

In summary, the survey reflects a strong consensus among Finnish businesses on the necessity and positive impact of the government's employment measures. With a large portion of the business community backing these reforms, the government's plans stand on a solid foundation of private sector support.