Neural DSP was awarded the Newcomer Company of 2023. In the picture on the left is Douglas Castro (CEO, founder) and on the right, Francisco Cresp (CPO, founder). Photo: Loïc Sans


President Sauli Niinistö of Finland has honored several Finnish companies with the prestigious annual internationalization award, recognizing their global success and contributions to the country's economy and innovation landscape. The awards celebrate Finnish companies' achievements in expanding their reach and impact on the international stage, emphasizing competitiveness, ethical operations, and fostering Finnish expertise and employment.

Neural DSP Technologies, a leader in digital sound processing software and equipment, was honored as the Newcomer Company of 2023. The company, headquartered in Punavuori, Helsinki, has quickly risen to prominence with its groundbreaking technology, combining algorithmic research and machine learning to democratize high-end music equipment. With a turnover of EUR 30 million in 2022 and distribution through major music retailers worldwide, Neural DSP exemplifies Finnish innovation reaching global markets.

Co-founders Douglas Castro and Francisco Cresp expressed their gratitude for the recognition, stating, "This award not only honors our mission to revolutionize the music industry but also celebrates the spirit of innovation and determination that brought us here."

Kuusakoski Group, a century-old recycling and foundry group, received the Growth Company award. The company's strong focus on sustainable practices and its green transition investment program demonstrate a commitment to responsible circular economy principles. CEO Veikko Kuusakoski highlighted the company's evolution, noting, "Our growth has paralleled Finland's industrial journey, and now, our focus on low-carbon raw materials and technological advancements drives our future."

AGCO Corporation was recognized as the Long-term International Investor. The American global leader in agricultural machinery and technology has made significant investments in Finland, including the ownership of AGCO Power Oy and Valtra Oy Ab. These investments have created substantial employment opportunities and positioned Finland as a key player in the global agricultural sector.

EnergyVaasa, the largest energy technology cluster in the Nordics, was awarded the Community Award. The cluster, consisting of nearly 200 companies and research institutes, is at the forefront of developing sustainable technology solutions. This collaborative network contributes significantly to Finland's technology exports and global climate goals.

The awards, proposed by various business organizations and finalized by the Team Finland network, highlight Finland's growing influence in international markets across various sectors. The recognition of these companies underscores the country's commitment to innovation, sustainability, and global cooperation.