The exit of the year 2022 awarded angels, case Miradore. Image: FiBAN


The Finnish Business Angel Network (FiBAN) has once again recognized the stellar achievements within its community, honoring those who have made a significant impact in the startup ecosystem in 2022. This year’s awards celebrated remarkable exits, outstanding business angels, and honorary members for their exceptional contributions.

Miradore Bags the Exit of the Year Award

The Exit of the Year award was presented to the business angels of Miradore for a notable exit that yielded over 10 times the initial investment. Angel investors Ari Korhonen, Markku Toivanen, Ari-Pekka Salovaara, and Kim Väisänen played pivotal roles in this success. Miradore, a company that fine-tuned its sales funnel and excelled in marketing, was acquired by GoTo. The angels shared their journey of transforming Miradore from a potential bust to a highly profitable international business.

Henry Nilert: Business Angel of the Year 2022

The prestigious Business Angel of the Year award was bestowed upon Henry Nilert, recognized for his active participation and invaluable contributions to the FiBAN community. Nilert’s extensive background includes co-founding iobox, a prominent early mobile entertainment portal in Europe, and Credit24, a leading online lending platform. His role as an angel investor has been instrumental in nurturing numerous startups in Finland and beyond, offering not just funding but also the wealth of experience from his entrepreneurial journey.

Claes Mikko Nilsen Honored as an Honorary Member

Claes Mikko Nilsen, a co-founder of FiBAN, was honored as an Honorary Member for his long-standing commitment and contributions to the community. His insight and support have been invaluable, particularly in positioning Finland as a vibrant hub for angel investing in Europe. Nilsen’s perspective on the critical role of angel investors, especially in challenging economic times, underscores the importance of organizations like FiBAN in nurturing the startup ecosystem.

These awards highlight the vibrant and evolving nature of the Finnish startup scene, showcasing the vital role of angel investors in fostering innovation and entrepreneurship. The achievements of these individuals and the recognition by FiBAN underscore the organization's commitment to nurturing and celebrating excellence within the startup community.