In a recent interview with the Ulla Nurmenniemi: Executive Director of Health Care Trade & Consulting at FinnCham Beijing, the evolving landscape of Sino-Finnish healthcare trade and collaboration was thoroughly explored. The dialogue, rich with insights, delved into various aspects of the trade relationship, particularly focusing on the participation of Finnish healthcare companies in the China International Import Expo (CIIE) and the burgeoning opportunities in the Chinese market. The entire interview is viewable in this video.


Finnish Healthcare Companies at CIIE:

Nurmenniemi emphasized the active participation of Finnish companies in the CIIE, noting the Finland pavilion's inclusion of 18 companies, alongside six others with independent booths. This significant presence underlines the growing interest of Finnish healthcare companies in the Chinese market. She stated, "This year, we will have a Finland pavilion in CIIE... So totally there is at least 24 Finnish companies to participate."


Expanding Membership and Influence:

Speaking about FinnCham's reach, the Nurmenniemi highlighted that around 220 of the 250 Finnish companies in China are members of FinnCham. This substantial representation signifies the importance of FinnCham as a nexus for Finnish businesses, particularly in the healthcare sector, in China.


CIIE's Role in Sino-Finnish Relations:

The Executive Director underscored the importance of CIIE in fostering Sino-Finnish cooperation, especially in healthcare. She reflected on the history of the event, noting, "It's very important... This year, I think is the third time when we have the country pavilion over there. But every year there are many Finnish companies have booth there."


Recent Achievements and Trends:

Nurmenniemi pointed out notable achievements in past CIIE events, particularly the increased participation of Finnish food product companies following the recent Finland-China customs agreement. She remarked, "For example, this year... There are more like food products than any ever before."


Perception of the Chinese Market:

The Executive Director shared insights from surveys conducted among Finnish companies in China, revealing a very positive view of the market's potential. She said, "Finnish companies in China see to market potential very very positive... people are very very happy about it."


Potential Cooperation Areas:

Highlighting multiple sectors for collaboration, Nurmenniemi mentioned healthcare as a key area, alongside new energy, digitalisation, and education. She noted, "Finland has a lot of innovations on the area. Healthcare is one of them."


Finnish Export Growth and Future Plans:

Discussing trade statistics, the Director shared that Finnish exports to China in 2022 amounted to 4 billion euros, growing by over 11% from the previous year. She also touched on future plans, emphasising the increasing focus on producing products in China for the Chinese market.