A man looking at employment support flyers in the TE-office in Pasila, Helsinki. LEHTIKUVA


In August, the number of employed individuals aged 15 to 74 increased by 45,000 compared to the same period last year, totaling 2,662,000, according to the Labor Force Survey by Statistics Finland. However, there was also a rise in the number of unemployed individuals, with 5,000 more compared to the previous year.

"Economically, the headwinds didn't have a significant impact on employment in August.

However, there was a clear gender difference, with women's employment increasing significantly by 49,000 compared to the previous year, while men's employment remained almost unchanged. The number of employed men decreased by 4,000 compared to the previous year," noted Tatu Leskinen, Senior Statistician at Statistics Finland.

"What's noteworthy is that, during the same period, the number of unemployed individuals increased by 5,000. There were 7,000 more unemployed men than a year ago, while the number of unemployed women decreased by 2,000. This means that, with the increase in both employed and unemployed individuals, there were fewer working-age people outside the labor force compared to before," Leskinen added.

The employment rate trend figure for those aged 20 to 64 has seen a recent decline in recent months. However, in August, there was no change from the previous month, and the trend remained at 77.8%.

"It's typical for monthly figures in labor force surveys to exhibit some variability. Therefore, it's advisable to monitor these numbers over an extended period. We will have a clearer understanding of the employment direction when the third-quarter data is released on October 24th," Leskinen emphasized.