The cost support for agriculture and aquaculture became available for application through the State Treasury on June 1st. The support consists of electricity cost support for professional farmers and professional aquaculturists, as well as fertilizer cost support for professional farmers. The State Treasury has now published a public report on its website regarding the received applications and the granted support.

By June 8th, around 3,400 businesses have applied for the support. Out of these, approximately 2,700 applications have been processed so far, with 90 percent of them receiving a positive decision. A total of approximately €6 million in support has been paid out. The main reason for application rejections has been the support amount falling below the minimum requirement of €500.

In terms of regional distribution, the highest amount of support, approximately €1 million, has been paid to the region of Varsinais-Suomi. Etelä-Pohjanmaa, Uusimaa, Pohjois-Pohjanmaa, and Satakunta have all received around half a million euros in support.

State Treasury's service receives praise

The application process for the support has been a challenge for the State Treasury, which is acting as the grantor of agricultural support for the first time. "Although the State Treasury does not have previous experience with agricultural support, we have been able to leverage past learnings from cost support payments made to businesses due to the pandemic. This has allowed us to focus on aspects such as customer experience," says Mari Selviranta, Director of Services at the State Treasury.

In the development of the application process, the State Treasury has collaborated extensively with stakeholders, as it has done with previous cost support programs: "Through cooperation with organizations such as the Central Union of Agricultural Producers and Forest Owners, ProAgria, and the Finnish Food Authority, we have been able to improve both the electronic application process and the guidance provided. Successful collaboration is evident in the efficient service provided to support applicants," adds Selviranta.

The success of the implementation is reflected in the feedback received by the State Treasury. Positive feedback has been given specifically regarding the functioning application process and clear instructions. The prompt processing times for support applications have also been well-received, with an average processing time of approximately 23 hours.

Up-to-date support statistics available to everyone

The State Treasury has now published comprehensive statistics on the current status of the support on its website. The statistics provide information on the number of received applications and the amount of support paid out, among other data. It is possible to view the information based on the location of the businesses, for example.

More detailed information about the support applicants can also be found in the statistics. On the page, you can find the processing status of the applications submitted by businesses, as well as details about the support decisions.

The report is updated with the previous day's data every weekday at approximately 12 PM. The report indicates the time of the latest update.

The application period for agricultural and aquaculture cost support will continue at the State Treasury until July 31st at 4:15 PM.

The agricultural and aquaculture cost support program has received significant interest from businesses within the industry. The support aims to alleviate the financial burden on professional farmers and aquaculturists by providing assistance with electricity costs and fertilizer expenses. The positive response to the program demonstrates the importance of such support in sustaining and strengthening the agricultural and aquaculture sectors.

As the State Treasury takes on the role of administering agricultural support for the first time, their efforts to ensure a smooth application process and efficient service have been highly commendable. By collaborating with key stakeholders and utilizing their previous experience with cost support programs, they have been able to streamline the application procedure and offer clear guidance to applicants.

The prompt processing of applications, with an average turnaround time of approximately 23 hours, has been a key factor in the program's success. The State Treasury's dedication to delivering timely decisions and support payments has been crucial in meeting the needs of farmers and aquaculturists.

The support distribution has been geographically diverse, with regions such as Varsinais-Suomi, Etelä-Pohjanmaa, Uusimaa, Pohjois-Pohjanmaa, and Satakunta receiving substantial support amounts. This distribution reflects the importance of agriculture and aquaculture across various parts of the country and highlights the sector's significant contributions to the local economies.

To provide transparency and access to information, the State Treasury has made comprehensive statistics available on their website. These statistics enable stakeholders and interested parties to track the progress of applications, the amount of support granted, and other relevant data. The ability to access up-to-date information aids in monitoring the program's effectiveness and ensures accountability in the distribution of support.

With the application period ongoing, farmers and aquaculturists are encouraged to take advantage of the support available. The support not only assists in covering electricity and fertilizer costs but also plays a crucial role in promoting the sustainability and growth of the agricultural and aquaculture sectors.

As the State Treasury continues to administer the agricultural and aquaculture cost support program, their commitment to providing a well-functioning and efficient service remains steadfast. Through collaboration, continuous improvement, and prompt decision-making, they strive to support farmers and aquaculturists in overcoming financial challenges and securing a prosperous future for the industry.

Interested parties can visit the State Treasury's website for more information on the program, eligibility criteria, and the application process.