Innovation Practitioners Community board members.


Finnish innovation leaders have joined forces to establish a community organization that promotes innovation, known as the Innovation Practitioners Community (IPC). Finland's weakened competitiveness and slow economic growth necessitate a focus on strengthening and activating innovation activities. The goal of the Innovation Practitioners Community is to enhance innovation knowledge and serve as an open and international peer network for innovation leaders and professionals engaged in innovation work.

Innovation leaders seek to increase dialogue and knowledge sharing

Regardless of industry or organization size, innovation leaders face similar challenges within their companies. Therefore, there is a clear need for open and confidential dialogue, as well as the sharing of practices, models, and experiences—including both successes and challenges. There is also a pressing need for companies to attract more innovation professionals and cultivate a culture of innovation and internal entrepreneurship. All of this requires raising awareness and appreciation for the field.

"Finnish companies have traditionally succeeded through strong engineering expertise. We want to complement that with an experimental innovation culture and systematically managed innovation activities. We also want to promote open dialogue with business executives and owners on how investing in innovation can strengthen product and service development, as well as create opportunities for growth and business renewal. Innovation activities are also key to better anticipating changes brought about by megatrends and global phenomena," emphasizes Antero Kivikoski, Chairman of the Board of the Innovation Practitioners Community.

Seeking strategic partnerships with companies and organizations

This year, IPC will focus on establishing strategic partnerships with innovation-seeking companies and educational institutions. At the same time, the organization will have an international perspective from the outset, aiming to look beyond national borders. IPC seeks to act as a compass for domestic innovation activities, learning from global best practices and models to activate innovation in Finnish companies, while also showcasing the Finnish innovation landscape internationally.

The community platform is expected to launch in early 2024, enabling IPC to disseminate innovation knowledge to all individuals engaged in innovation work within organizations, through means such as podcasts and visits, and engage professionals from various sectors in discussions.

"In the field of innovation expertise, things are constantly evolving, which is why continuous sharing of experiences and perspectives is crucial for embracing the new. Through a peer network, knowledge spreads faster—and that benefits all companies," emphasizes Kivikoski.

The establishment of the Innovation Practitioners Community reflects a proactive approach to addressing the challenges faced by Finnish companies in a rapidly changing business environment. By fostering collaboration, knowledge sharing, and an international outlook, the community aims to ignite a renewed spirit of innovation and contribute to Finland's competitiveness on a global scale.