A Finnair aircraft at Helsinki Airport in Vantaa in July 2021. The Finnish majority state-owned carrier has announced its decision to discontinue in-flight and pre-order retail sales on all flights, citing their diminishing importance to passengers. (Heikki Saukkomaa – Lehtikuva)


FINNAIR on Wednesday announced it is discontinuing both in-flight and pre-order retail sales on all of its flights this spring.

The Finnish majority state-owned airline stated that the in-flight sales of retail products such as cosmetics and accessories will end on 28 February. Pre-orders, meanwhile, will continue to be fulfilled until 18 April.

“On-board and pre-order shopping has become a less important service among our customers,” explained Valtteri Halve, the head of product offering at Finnair.

Halve reminded that the airline announced almost three years ago its decision to discontinue in-flight sales on its flights within the EU. The decision was aimed at reducing the overall weight and consequently the fuel consumption of aircraft.

“Now it is time to take the next step,” he added. “Food and beverage sales on flights will continue, of course.”

Finnair yesterday began a clearance campaign that offers customers an opportunity to purchase products on-board or pre-order items at discounted prices. Pre-orders are available to customers on all flights with a duration of over two hours, while in-flight shopping is available to customers on long-haul flights and flights to the Canary Islands, Dubai, Egypt, Iceland, Israel, Switzerland, Turkey and the United Kingdom.

Aleksi Teivainen – HT