DNA opened a new online store for used phones called Vaihtokapula on 25 January 2023. The objective of the launch is to accelerate the circular economy of smart phones by making the buying of a used phone easy and safe. In addition to fairly new Apple devices the range includes also inexpensive Android phones costing 100 to 200 euros.

DNA has for a long time helped its customers to recycle phones and offered a trade-in refund for upgraded phones.

DNA's Vaihtohyvitys trade-in service is also developed constantly by listening to the wishes of customers. With the Vaihtokapula online store now launched DNA also begins to sell used phones. The new online store's address is

Electronic waste is the largest growing waste stream in the world. In addition, mobile phones contain a lot of valuable noble metals; the carbon footprint of their excavation is considerable. Increasing circularity is one of the central ways to get closer to the climate objectives.

'If a mobile phone is used for about three years, studies have shown that some 80 % of its greenhouse emissions are formed when the phone is manufactured, and the raw materials procured. By extending the life span of a phone by only a year its carbon footprint is reduced approximately by a third. Small deeds have in fact big consequences', says Mikko Valtonen who is the director responsible for the Vaihtokapula business.

The supply chains and the product flow of the new service are designed to be cost effective with the environment as a primary concern. For example, the over 60 strong store DNA Store network and existing logistics services are utilised in the distribution of the phones. No chargers and protective equipment for phones are included in the package; they can be easily bought if needed when the phone is picked up from a DNA Store.

Finnish shops for used phones have until now concentrated strongly on the Apple iPhones. However, in Finland Apple has only approximately 20 % market share so a considerable number of Finns are outside their target group. One of the central business ideas of Vaihtokapula is to bring also Android phones into the used phones market. Unlike many competitors, Vaihtokapula's range also includes the very inexpensive phones selling for 100 to 200 euros.

'In Finland, there are still certain friction factors in the circular economy of mobile phones. Finding and buying a suitable phone in the web stores is not always uncomplicated and there have not been many inexpensive used Androids available in online stores. This was the starting point for our rolling our sleeves and beginning to develop our new service with the customer in mind', sums up Valtonen.

The market for used phones is growing fast, according to the IDC surveys it grows even faster that the market for new mobile phones. DNA customer surveys show that one of the factors slowing down circular economy of smart phones is the fear and uncertainty linked with used mobile phones.

'Unfortunately, there are also scams taking place online. Further, many people wonder if somebody will be able to access their data if they sell their old mobile phone. The mission of Vaihtokapula is to make buying and selling a used phone easy and safe', says Valtonen.

All used phones in the Vaihtokapula online store go through a strict process. In addition to a three-stage classification of condition, every phone is subjected to a complete deletion of any data and a comprehensive detailed fault analysis. The phone's microphone, sensors, connections, antennas, and the screen's pixel errors are also checked before the phone is sold. All devices put up for sale are in working condition. The newest devices are sold with a 12 month guarantee and for the older devices, guarantee can be bought as an additional service.


Source: DNA