K Group has been mapping out new ways in which it could reduce electricity use in its stores this autumn and winter. Proactive measures aim to reduce peaks in electricity consumption and help prevent potential electricity shortages in Finland. K Group estimates that it could save electricity via temporary extraordinary measures at times by as much as 15 to 20 percent.

The trading sector accounts for some 3-4% of total electricity use in Finland. Lighting and refrigeration equipment consume the most electricity in stores.

“Obviously, as a big operator, we must do our part as we strive collectively to save electricity. We believe that by taking certain extraordinary measures, we can temporarily reduce K Group’s electricity consumption by as much as 15-20%, should electricity production in Finland so necessitate,” says Antti Kokkonen, Building Services Manager at K Group.

“Cutting total electricity consumption in Finland by 5-10% would have a big impact. Planning and preparing together could help us prevent electricity shortages in Finland next winter,” says Kokkonen.

K Group has been systematically reducing its energy use for decades. Key measures in our grocery stores have included updating refrigeration units and lighting. A more recent innovation are our heat recycling systems that utilise waste energy.

As we prepare for the possibility of weaker electricity availability, we have sought further, extraordinary measures to save electricity.

“We are able to reduce our electricity consumption further by utilising automation to adjust in-store heating and store and advertising lighting, to name a few examples. Our stores employ energy-saving heat recycling systems, which in essence act like large heat pumps, and can be directed to use less electricity and more district heat, if necessary,” explains Kokkonen.

K Group aims to reach carbon neutrality by 2025 and to cut emissions from its own operations down to zero by 2030. Increasing energy-efficiency is one of the key means in achieving these targets.


Source: K Group