As YIT announced in its first quarter interim report, the company aims to improve its competitiveness by developing its operating model. The objective of this work is to, among others, optimise resources to support operations and enable efficient strategy execution. The planning of operating model concerns all YIT’s operations and operating countries, excluding Sweden and Russia.

As part of the operating model planning, YIT commences co-operation negotiations with employee representatives in Finland. The negotiations concern white-collar employees in operations in Finland. Potential reduction needs do not concern white-collar workers in production jobs and blue-collar employees working at construction sites. In Finland, the estimated number of personnel to be reduced in case of redundancies will be at the maximum of 200 employees. The estimated number of potential redundancies in the whole YIT Group will be at the maximum of 250 employees.

”The outlook in construction looks good for the coming years. YIT needs to meet its customer demand, and we plan to further strengthen our resources at construction sites. At the same time, we also need to ensure our competitiveness. As part of YIT Group’s strategy renewal, we will modify our operating model to ensure that our organisation operates efficiently. These changes enable us to improve our profitability and ensure the successful completion of our ongoing and planned significant urban development projects”, says Markku Moilanen, the President and CEO of YIT.

YIT group employs about 7,700 people, of which 4,400 in Finland.

Source: YIT Group