Minister of Transportation of Finland, Timo Harakka arrives to a government meeting by bicycle on 12 August 2020


Last March when one European country after another went to lock down and after toilet paper and sanitisers had sold out; people turned shopping out fitness and sports equipments. Some shops ran out of home fitness machines and accessories. As public transport had also become a "death trap" bicycle, that combines fitness, transportation and social distancing became one of the most wanted item.

Helkama, had one of the best years of their history. Sales of bicycles increased dramatically in Finland. “All types of bikes have sold out, including electric bikes.” Harri Halme, sales director of Helkama told Helsinki Times. “ There are only few models left in warehouses.” 

Helkama is a finnish bicycle manufacturers and importer. In addition to its own popular Helkama bikes, the company is the distributor of few other models manufactured in different countries. Halme says that Helkama’s  revenue has increased 60% compared to last year. 

Bicycle retailers are among the biggest winners of the coronavirus crisis, also in Germany, finds an Ifo Business Survey. Almost all German bicycle retailers are satisfied with their current business situation, with their assessments at 95 points out of a possible 100. “Bicycle retailers are experiencing a genuine boom,” says Klaus Wohlrabe, Head of Surveys at ifo.

Other sectors currently seeing particularly good results are construction materials and DIY (83.1 points), food and beverages (62.8 points), furniture and equipment stores (40.7 points), consumer electronics retailers (29.7 points), and computer retailers (33.3 points).

“On the other hand, the situation looks gloomy for clothing retailers of all kinds (including shoes) and for shops selling leather goods and bags,” Wohlrabe says. Their figures are minus 60.9 points and minus 85.0 points, respectively. “Things were really bad at car dealerships before, and they too are now emerging from the coronavirus ‘valley’ rather slowly,” Wohlrabe adds. The value there is minus 37.0 points.


Paul Kostner - HT