In today’s world online marketing is more important to all kinds of businesses and industries than ever before. New ideas and means are being created, and marketing as a business is growing at a very rapid speed. One of the most interesting forms of online marketing is affiliate marketing. Simply put, affiliate marketing is about earning commissions for marketing a company’s products or services.

Today many affiliates are creating comparison sites that are designed to help consumers to compare services and prices all at one site. These kinds of comparison sites have been a huge business especially around gambling and consumer loans for nearly a decade now, but now the marketers are expanding their portfolios for new niches. Comparison sites are free for their users, which make them appealing to consumers not only here in Finland but all around the world.

Affiliate marketers work on multiple areas of business

Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing. In the early days of affiliate marketing the structure of the business was quite simple, but nowadays the complexity of the industry has grown. This means that today there are various kinds of companies and services related to affiliates, not just an individual deciding to become an affiliate for a certain branch or niche. These include companies that act as super-affiliates, third party vendors and also as affiliate management agencies.

Affiliate marketing is not purely referral marketing, even though it might seem like it. These both forms of marketing are using third parties to drive sales to the retailer. However, affiliates rarely earn commission on leads or referrals: the commission is usually paid only once there has been a money transaction involved.

Affiliate marketing might not be as powerful a tool for advertisers as e-mail, website syndication or using SEM marketing, but it too has an important role in marketing strategies of nearly all e-retailers.

Nowadays consumers can compare basically anything from new home appliances to hotels and flights. According to recent studies, loans, credit cards and banking services are something that Finns are not that keen on using, even though these kinds of sites would help them and most likely save them a lot of money. On the other hand Finns are eager to compare prices and features of other kinds of products and services, such as finding cheaper flights, suitable accommodation for a holiday or interesting new online casinos.

Comparison sites are evolving

As more and more companies are creating their web stores for both their products and services, the affiliate marketers are busy creating new kinds of comparison sites that are suitable for these new web stores. The idea of a comparison site is evolving, and in fact, modern comparison sites are not just for a quick comparison! They are providing their users more information about the companies they are introducing and the services that those companies are providing.

Because of that today’s comparison sites are more informative and precise. This benefits the consumers, as now they are able to get all the necessary information about a certain service in one site. Based on the information they are getting, they can click through to the company and services that suit them in the best possible way. Other perks of comparison sites to the regular consumer are money saving, time saving and choices that the sites offer their users. Compared to having to search for information and prices on their own, consumers have easy access to everything necessary.

No wonder the comparison site business is growing. In the upcoming years, we will most likely be witnessing affiliate marketing reaching brand new areas and industries.