As more investments are being made in the tech industry, this is having a knock-on effect on the employment of people in Finland. In fact, more and more technology jobs are available for the Finnish people. Since 2018, there has been an increase in the salaries of people who are working in the tech industry. Furthermore, there has been an increase in the number of developers that have been hired. That includes front end developers and those with specialist skills, including Javascript.

High competition among employers to attract talent results in high salaries and bonuses.  Find out what types of tech employment are available and the required skills you need.

The different types of available technology jobs

• Fullstack developer

• Project manager

• Software developer

• Game developer

• Data scientist developer

There is a range of different roles in the technology industry that are becoming more in demand. The above are just a few examples. In 2019, it was stated that the tech industry will need at least 53 thousand more experts by 2021. There were over 197,000 unemployed people in Finland, according to a 2019 survey. The information technology industry is, however, truly suffering from lack of filled positions. Many Finnish companies are interested in hiring specialist people from overseas to fill their positions and help bring the technology field to life. Many companies do, however, have a hard time finding workers from overseas as most of those workers don't speak Finnish or are reluctant to move due to concerns regarding the strained housing market.

Benefits of working in a technology job

• No university degree required for IT

• In IT, you can work in any industry, as long as there is a demand

• Many highly regarded salaries

• Often good work-life balance

In some cases, you won't need a degree for some IT jobs. It may be that you are simply required to undergo the full training process to qualify. However, there are roles where you would need more specialised experience for the role, such as a front-end developer who needs a certain skill set for coding. In these instances, there can be a shift in salary as well. For example, graduate schemes in technology can mean a bigger pay packet and the same situation goes for those staff who work in more advanced roles. Next, we will discuss the average salary for Finnish staff who are employed in the field of tech, as this can vary and it is important for anyone considering a role there.

Salary of Finnish technology jobs

The range of wages is wide, depending on the level of work the employee is required to do. However, according to statistics from Salary Explorer, the average salary for a member of staff working in the information and technology industry is around €4760 per month. This actually comes down to as low as €2000 per month and goes up to roughly €7000 each month. So, it is clear that it depends on the type of position we are looking at. For example, if we were comparing an IT administrator to a senior Javascript developer with a number of years of experience, the difference could be substantial. If you are looking for work in Finland in this industry, pinpoint your ideal salary.

Technology job trends

There is a trend in that there is a high demand for more jobs to be filled in the technology industry. Thousands of jobs have been waiting to be filled since 2018, with positions in software development and people who are employed as car manufacturers on the software front that the Finnish job front was severely lacking. This is specifically the case in the south-west of the country. Other data suggests that software engineering is one of the most in-demand job roles in Finland, with tens of thousands of vacant positions. It is also the 4th most competitive role to apply for, followed by IT and other administrative positions. This data summarised that there are approximately 7 competing candidates who applied for each role.

How to obtain the skills you need

If you are interested in joining the technology workforce in Finland, there are ways that you can consider up-skilling in order to get the skillset that you need, depending on the job you would like to apply for. For example, to be hired in IT, you would need to have some level of experience in project management and an ability to analyse and solve problems in a creative way to help other members of staff. For a role as a type of developer, you will need a certain level of understanding and ability to use and manage coding systems, like Javascript. To be successful in your application, it is worth reviewing your skillset and polishing up on it necessary.