The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has had a catastrophic effect on many industries around the world, especially the travel and hospitality industry. However, some industries are actually experiencing surprising growth either directly or indirectly due to the corona crisis. We will have a look at a few of these industries that appear, at least temporarily, to be the winners of the pandemic. 

Online gaming and gambling

Finland is one of the major game providers in Europe, and Finnish-made mobile games such as Angry Birds and Clash of Clans are hugely popular all around the world. There is something to be said about the Finnish love for games, which must partly explain why so many successful game providers come from such a small population. Whether we are talking about video games, mobile games, or real money gambling, Finns are enthusiastic gamers - now more so than ever.

It comes as no surprise that online gaming has been on the rise lately, as the restrictions due to the pandemic are seeing people staying home more than usual. The large number of available online gaming sites however make the scene confusing to new users, which has prompted the popularity of trusted comparison websites making it easier for players to choose. Once you have made the research and found your personal top choice, it is time for fun and games.

Playing games online offers entertainment, excitement, and social experience, all from the safety of your own home. Online gaming’s popularity is understandably surging during the pandemic, and gaming is certainly one of the industries that are benefiting from the crisis. 


Online shopping

Doing your shopping online is nothing new in Finland – especially for the people who live further away from big towns and have limited shopping options in the home turf have for a long time been making their purchases online when it comes to for example clothing, gadgets, etc. These days, when shopping malls are out of anybody’s reach, more and more people are turning to online shopping.

What is somewhat new during the COVID crisis though, is that now a lot of people are also buying their essential items online as much as possible, trying to avoid entering the supermarkets. This has led to grocery stores struggling to meet the demand, and at times they are not able to offer delivery within a reasonable time frame. 

It remains to be seen what happens to the online shopping craze when the restrictions are lifted - some say people will still avoid large crowds of people and prefer to continue shopping online, while others expect the newly-found freedom will draw people to the shopping malls and away from their screens. 


Remote learning and online education

Many of us find that we have a lot more time in our hands these days, when you may be unable to go to work, the hobbies have been cancelled and your possibilities for socializing are limited. This unexpected change has made it possible for many people to pursue such studies that they previously didn’t have time for, and different online courses have become increasingly popular. 

Even though travelling is on hold, and the future of many airlines remains uncertain, you might want to brush up your language skills in preparation for the next trip with some of the language-learning apps, such as Duolingo, WordDive or Memrise. 

Apart from languages, you can study lots of other interesting things online, such as photography, nutrition or trading, or do a professional course in for example digital marketing. The possibilities are endless! Online studying offers something meaningful and useful to do while house-bound, so it is no wonder different remote learning websites and apps are gaining popularity during the corona crisis.



Images: Lehtikuva