Posti’s Box has been designed to bridge the gap between the home and webshop. (Handout – Posti)


POSTI on Monday announced it is about to launch a new kind of service for online shoppers and retailers on Keskuskatu, Helsinki, in November.

The Finnish state-owned postal services provider said the new facility will feature fitting rooms, a massive parcel locker and a digital kiosk, while also serving as a brick-and-mortar site for online retailers.

“A piece has been missing between the home and webshop, but that space will be filled by Box,” said Kaisa Ilola, the director of customer experience and channels at Posti.

Called Box, the facility is designed to consolidate the service provider’s growth in the online retail space. Posti has conducted a study showing that almost a fifth of Finns expect to be doing most, if not all, of their shopping online by 2025.

“Because of the growth in online and consumer-to-consumer trade, a substantial share of postal services is related to sending and receiving parcels. That is why we have to change. Box is our response to the growth in online trade and the new consumption habits of Finns,” stated Ilola.

Posti explained in the press release that all consumers will be able to order their purchases to the new facility and pick up the parcel, for example, on their way to work or the grocery shop.

“If customers have ordered clothes from a webshop, they can try on the clothes immediately. If the clothes fit, excellent. If they do not, they can be returned immediately without the needless trip home. Also other shipments can be unpacked in Box, while the materials can be left for us to recycle or others to use,” elaborated Ilola.

Aleksi Teivainen – HT
Source: Uusi Suomi