One of the giants of the Russian nickel and palladium mining and smelting industry — Nornickel — has been earning a lot of credits for its eco-friendly modernisation over the past years.

This time the company is willing to invest over RUB 6.2B (EUR 85,6M) to increase the efficiency of its sulphuric acid production and reduce emissions to the atmosphere.

The upgrade will take place in the Kola MMC in the Murmansk region of Russia, which borders Finnish territories.

As a result, the modernisation will be beneficial to all northern territories nearby, including the atmosphere in general. 

The upgrade will be involve two projects—re-equipment of the 4th technological system of the sulphuric acid compartment and replacement of the electrostatic precipitators in the dust collection section of the refining plant in the city of Monchegorsk. Both projects are aimed to be completed by 2021.

Usage of Brink filters from MECS (part of the DuPont Company group) is the primary technological solution for the first modernisation. These filters are capable of eliminating practically any liquid type and soluble solids from any gas stream, including sub-micron aerosols. This solution is widely used at different industrial plants in order to ensure the highest effectiveness along with the longest service life possible. 

Furthermore, all metal pipelines, gas ducts and acid collectors will be renewed with the modern ones made of acid-resistant, durable polymeric materials.

At the same time, the second project in Monchegorsk includes installation of the new gas cleaning system with new four-floor electrostatic precipitators. The greater number of electric fields will positively impact the degree of purification of sulphur-containing gases from impurity particles.

The simultaneous implementation of the two projects will considerably improve the efficiency of the Kola MMC sulphuric acid production and reduce emissions to the atmosphere.

In addition to the new projects there are two more planned for 2019, which will also decrease the emissions to the atmosphere by 50%! 

Such responsible investments should have a significant impact on improving the environmental situation in the border areas and the Scandinavian region as a whole.

The company will start processing more metal-rich ore in the smelting plant located in Nickel and build a separation unit at the processing plant in Zapolyarny.