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One platform, thousands of solutions

No matter what the size of a company is or in which industry it operates, all companies nowadays use business software for their accounting, HR, CRM, inventory, etc. However impeccable the solutions may seem at first, later on companies find themselves constrained by the built-in capabilities of the software. Customisations are costly and fully dependent on the app vendor. 

Imagine if you were given “Lego” blocks of code, anyone could use, to expand, change or customise your software. This is the genius idea behind Codejig that Vadym Kozyak and Vasyl Biletskyy came up with in 2013.  If you have always wondered why developers don’t create software which would make the need for so many developers obsolete, well here it is.

Codejig ERP (enterprise resource planning) is a fully customisable solution for small and medium-sized enterprises. Without any special training, users can add new fields or remove existing ones, create or redesign forms and menus, manage security, adjust application logic, develop new sections of the system or even create entire modules from scratch.

Guided by the idea of user empowerment, Codejig emphasises on functionality and usability. Codejig ERP has ten functional modules: Sales, Purchase, Banking, Inventory, Fixed Assets, VAT, CRM, Accountant, Settings, and Reports. Codejig ERP is compliant with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

In addition to its international edition, Codejig has started to deliver a range of country-specific versions of its ERP software and a localised version for Finland has been released so far. Danish and Swedish versions are in the final stage of development. The Finnish version of Codejig ERP supports the exchange of electronic invoices by implementing the Finvoice invoicing format. Finnish users can also benefit from using the standard integration with a forwarding service provider Apix to send e-invoices directly from Codejig ERP.

Powerful customisation and localisation capabilities of Codejig ERP come from the technology utilised to develop the system. Codejig Limited revolutionised software development by introducing Codejig Builder to develop Codejig ERP.

Codejig Builder is a low-code development platform that allows the creation of business applications. It comes as a part of Codejig ERP and enables users to customise the system. Codejig Builder is expected to be released soon as a stand-alone app development platform.

Codejig offers a game-changing experience where the customer is in control, not the ERP vendor. 

Company Profile: Codejig Limited is a Maltese software company with a development center in Lviv, Ukraine. It was founded in 2013. The company delivers its software using SaaS (Codejig ERP) and aPaaS (Codejig Builder) business models and has adopted a subscription-based licensing model for its products.

Codejig ERP is now available in Finland. It was released in June 2018. Basic version is free to use and the standard version costs only 30 Euros a month per user.