Eventz International helps cities and companies offer event discovery data and experiences to people


Eventz.today is a Finnish startup with a mission to bring people and events together. The company offers an event discovery platform that enables users to find interesting things to do, no matter where they are or what their interests might be. Founder Mikko Lintunen believes in “helping people to discover the world around them. Whether you are a tourist investigating a new city or a local exploring your own, our goal is to give individuals a clear overview of what’s going on nearby.”

The application can be accessed by web browser or downloaded for free as a mobile app. Once logged in, customers will see a map featuring all of the events taking place near their location. Dragging the map into neighboring districts will allow users to see what’s going on a little further afield. Searches can also be narrowed down by selecting one or more interest, such as arts & culture or entertainment, while factors like ticket price and star rating can also be adjusted.

“We are GPS position-based”, says Mikko. “So, with a press of a button you can see what’s happening around you, and then you can go places. Some events are free, some you will have to pay for, but we will give you one view of everything going on around you. This was the key reason we started to develop our product – to help locals and tourists, wherever they may be, find something interesting to do”.

Unsurprisingly, the Eventz team are a keen bunch of explorers and eventgoers. Mikko previously worked for Nokia, which sometimes required him to travel more than 200 days per year. It soon became apparent that it was problematic to find out what was happening in each city he visited:

“Being in a hotel, just after meetings, I was always wondering what to do. Half the things displayed in hotel leaflets and tourist guides were out of date. The current events were not always interesting, and if they were the event was often far away or it had sold out. So, in that scenario, I just wanted a quick and easy way to find out what was happening around me at that moment”.

The application is not only helpful for eventgoers. It also functions as a licensable, fully customizable platform for businesses and cities.

Eventz.today is a great licensable product”, says Mikko. “We can rebrand our platform to suit, for example, a hotel or a city. This allows them to serve their own customers by displaying all kinds of events on their website. Our clients can choose the types of events that are featured, as well as the look and feel of the platform. Customers can then just visit the website and use the service to see what’s going on, whether they are hotel guests or tourists in a new city”.

Event organizers can also create their own events for free, which will then be viewable to anyone using the service. This doesn’t only apply to people using a mobile app, but to everybody using the service of a licensing partner too. 

Mikko gives an example – a person is organizing a garage sale in Kallio and decides to create the event on Eventz.today: “Once it’s created and published, it will automatically and instantly show up on the Helsinki Times portal, the City of Vantaa portal, the City-lehti portal, etc. This gives more content to the licensing partners, but it also provides the event organizers with more viewers. So everybody wins!”

At the time of writing there are approximately four million events uploaded onto the platform, with an extra 50,000 appearing every day. Mikko already refers to the service as “the richest catalogue of events in Finland”, but that doesn’t stop him looking ahead to the future:

“We would like to see every city in Finland using our portal, as well as expanding to cities all over the world. There are one billion people travelling around the world every year. Many of these people are looking for new experiences, and events are at the core of creating those experiences. If cities offer our discovery service on their website, they can show people what is happening in that particular city on any given day. Now wouldn’t that be a great service for event organizers, tourists and locals alike!”


Dan Anderson interviewed Mikko Lintunen, Founder of Eventz International Corporation. Visit their website at about.eventz.today.

Helsinki Times