Nokia has confirmed that it will reduce its headcount in Finland by more than 1,000 in pursuit of synergies arising from its recent takeover of Alcatel-Lucent.Making lay-offs is cheap and easy in Finland, Jorma Malinen, the chairman of Trade Union Pro, tweeted on Friday after Nokia announced the results of its latest round of consultative negotiations.

The network equipment manufacturer confirmed that it will trim its headcount in the country by 1,023 as part of a global, almost one-billion euro cost-cutting programme aimed at achieving the synergies arising from its recent takeover of Alcatel-Lucent.

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“It is obvious that employees are afforded special protection in France but not here in Finland. It became obvious after France set conditions for the completion of the corporate transaction between Nokia and Alcatel-Lucent,” Malinen states in a press release from Trade Union Pro.

“Finnish taxpayers will pay the bill for the lay-offs of Nokia,” he continues.

Nokia announced early last month that it is intent on reducing its headcount by 1,300 in Finland and by up to 7,000 worldwide as part of a transformation programme the objective of which is to deliver operating cost synergies of 900 million euros in connection with the takeover of Alcatel-Lucent.

The measures are an attempt to reinforce the position of the network equipment maker as an industry leader, said Rajeev Suri, the chief executive of Nokia.

Aleksi Teivainen – HT
Photo: Heikki Saukkomaa – Lehtikuva
Source: Uusi Suomi