The Angry Birds Movie enjoyed a successful opening weekend at the box office in both China and the United States, snatching the number-one perch in both of the markets.Rovio reports that its big screen debut, The Angry Birds Movie, has gotten off to a flying start in both China and the United States.

The animated feature raked in over 38 million dollars on its opening weekend in the United States, knocking Captain America: Civil War off the number one perch, according to The New York Times. The Hollywood Reporter, in turn, reveals that the film slingshot to the top of the box office in China by bringing in more than 29 million dollars on its opening weekend, representing the third most successful opening weekend ever for an animated feature.

“The film has now reached number one in 44 markets and counting,” states Rovio.

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“[With] no other animated films due to be released in the US for another month, it appears that while the birds may have many reasons to be angry, the box office trajectory for their motion picture debut is not one of them.”

Helsingin Sanomat points out, however, that the box office performance of the animated film falls short of the biggest animated hits of recent years. Minions, for example, collected almost 115 million dollars and Inside Out 90 million dollars on their opening weekends last year, the daily reports, citing Box Office Mojo.

The Angry Birds Movie has currently an estimated worldwide gross of 150 million dollars, reports the Wall Street Journal.

Aleksi Teivainen – HT
Photo: Handout / Rovio Animation