Characters from the upcoming animated feature, The Angry Birds Movie, depicted in an image distributed by Rovio Entertainment.Rovio Entertainment will reduce its workforce by a total of 213 positions.

The game and entertainment studio, which is primarily known for its once massively popular Angry Birds franchise, currently provides employment to 670 people – the majority of whom are based in its offices in Finland.

Rovio Entertainment announced its decision to launch consultative negotiations with the objective of shedding up to 260 positions at the end of August. Staff members involved in the production of the upcoming animated feature, The Angry Birds Movie, were ruled outside the scope of the negotiations.

The animated feature is scheduled to première next year.

The game and entertainment studio showed the door to 110 employees after another major round of consultative negotiations at the end of last year.

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The profitability of Rovio Entertainment has crumbled since its heyday. Its annual operating profits, for example, have declined from a bullish 77 million euros in 2012 to no more than 10 million euros in 2014.

The problems of the game and entertainment studio are associated especially with the sales of consumer products as the appeal of Angry Birds-themed products has begun to evaporate.

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Photo: Rovio / Handout