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Shipping containers at the Vuosaari Harbour in Helsinki. Finnish exports have continued to plummet. Preliminary data released by the Finnish Customs on Tuesday indicate that the value of exports was roughly 4.2 billion euros in February, signalling a decline of some four per cent from the previous year.

Exports therefore fell by some seven per cent between January and February, according to the data.

The exports of oil products, machines and mechanical applications declined particularly in February, whereas those of vehicles, metal and steel picked up.

The value of imports, in turn, dropped by two per cent to 4.4 billion euros, translating to an eight per cent year-on-year decline over the first two months of the year. The value of imports fell especially due to a decline in the value of crude oil imports.

The trade balance showed a deficit of some 200 million euros in February, bringing the total deficit over the first two months of the year to 525 million euros. A year earlier, the trade balance showed a deficit of 675 million euros.

The preliminary data also indicate that exports to outside the European Union declined by ten per cent in February due to, especially, a decline in exports to Russia and China. Exports to Sweden similarly fell, whereas those to Germany, the United States and the Netherlands increased.

Eeva Palojärvi – HS
Aleksi Teivainen – HT
Photo: Mika Ranta / HS