Itella showed off its new, orange logo in a press conference in Ilmala, Helsinki, on Tuesday. Itella on Tuesday unveiled the new, orange logo it will adopt as part of its transformation into Posti at the beginning of next year.

The new logo and visual appearance were inspired by parcels and logistics services, whereas the colour was selected due to its widespread association with postal and logistics services. The new appearance represents both the new services and long history of Posti, according to Heikki Malinen, the CEO at Itella.

“The speed line in the logo describes how we make our customers' daily lives more convenient with quick, easy-to-use services,” he said in a news conference in Ilmala, Helsinki, on Tuesday.

The squiggle over the letter “i”, in turn, represents the warm and friendly services provided by Posti.

Itella Oyj will officially become Posti Group Oyj on 1 January 2015.

“It's a reminder that we're also an international company, albeit one that is in Finnish ownership and operates in Finland,” Malinen replied after being asked about the inclusion of an English-language word in the company name.

Although the name change will take place at the turn of the year, the visual appearance will be introduced gradually over the coming 12 months, reminded Pirjo Kaasinen, the director of marketing and communications at Itella. “Painting the roughly 7,000 letter boxes and 5,000 vehicles we have will take some time,” she explained. “The vehicles will be painted when they're serviced, while the appearance of our stores will be updated gradually.”

The brand overhaul was designed in collaboration with N2 Nolla, a Helsinki-based consultancy firm.

Both Malinen and Kaasinen were on Tuesday also quizzed about the costs of the brand overhaul. “The brand work was carried out as part of our marketing budget, which is smaller than it was last year. The work cost no more than two million euros,” replied Kaasinen.

Itella also announced that it will overhaul its website and invest considerably in the development of its logistics services in an attempt to respond to the continuing decline in traditional mail volumes.

After opening over 150 new parcel points this year, the company currently operates a total of 1,450 service points.

Malinen also promised that the company will extend its opening hours and offer a wider range of alternatives for sending and receiving parcels.

It is, for example, set to open a smart locker in the lobby of a residential building in Kalasatama, Helsinki, to allow the residents to receive parcels in addition to their regular mail. It will also invest in the expansion of its meal services, which are currently available in 80 municipalities.

Marjukka Liiten – HS
Aleksi Teivainen – HT
Photo: Roni Rekomaa / Lehtikuva