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I believe that talented people are incorporated into society through quality of education not through money. Putting a price tag on something doesn’t mean quality. Finland should instead increase the money they use on education and seriously invest in the opportunities that students from abroad bring in.

I’m just a one example but I am pretty sure there are other people who came to Finland because of the same reason and I am sure they either brought money with them, or are working, and paying taxes not only cover their own costs, but to contribute into the Finnish society.

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Roal Electronics was founded in 1984 by two young and ambitious men, Rodolfo and Alberto who gave the name of the company from the first letters of their names: Ro-Al.

For the people of Castelfidardo, Roal became the symbol of prosperity and pride. Being a part of Roal meant security, future for our children, the fulfilment of our dreams, no worries for "tomorrow". Working for IBM first and then for Alcatel, National Instruments, Cisco, Barco and many others was always a pride for all of us working here and day by day we did our best to improve our knowledge in order to give Roal all the opportunities it deserved.

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With little progress being made in global climate-change talks worldwide, Britons are just getting on with measures to counter the predicted effects at home: more heat, more intense rain and higher seas. One example: a program to install white panels atop London’s trademark red buses.In designing new offices for PricewaterhouseCoopers along London's River Thames, Norman Foster's architecture firm spent an extra 1.2 million pounds (1.5 million euros) with an eye on climate change.

That wasn't enough. Four years after moving in, PwC is paying 100,000 pounds for new barriers to protect against flooding below ground level.

"There's a serious risk," said Jon Barnes, head of building and technical services at PwC in London. The flood doors, which will be installed in the next few weeks, are for "critical plant areas so that if we do have a flood, we're not destroying our transformers."

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On February 27,  Helsinki Times published a letter by the Ambassador of the State of Israel to Finland, Dan Ashbel. Ambassador Ashbel's remarks were a reply to a piece by this author that appeared a week earlier.

My initial article dealt with the collaboration between Finland's Israeli trading partners in military equipment and the Israeli army. I elaborated on how Finland is "directly profiting the very companies that benefit – from Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories" as Finland has been and remains an ever loyal customer of Israel's "occupation-powered military exports".

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Dear editor,

I’m writing to you regarding what happened to me in Vaasa, an innocent travelling student attacked inside McDonald’s, and I want to urge the local police to look into this serious assault on a foreigner.

I left Umeå and took a ferry to Vaasa. I arrived at downtown Vaasa at midnight. As I wanted to take the train to Tampere early the next morning, I decided to stay in a McDonald’s, which was open until 5:00, and then proceed to the train station to catch the early train.

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The Mummy ReturnsLegionnaire Rick O’Connell has married his Egyptologist girlfriend Evelyn and the couple has settled in London, where they are raising their young son Alex. The family’s domestic tranquility is shattered when the 3,000-yearold mummified corpse of Imhotep is resurrected once again to resume his evil quest for immortality.

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Dear editor-in-chief Dr. Alexis Kouros,

Allow me to congratulate Helsinki Times and columnist Bruno Jäntti for the article published in your recent edition (20-26 February).

Rarely does a foreign columnist succeed to describe both the threats that endanger Israel and the way the State of Israel and its population, not only succeed in facing them, but also utilise the experience gathered, in order to assist other countries.

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Dear Editor,

In the 9 January issue of the Helsinki Times, the Chinese Ambassador to Finland Mr. Huang Xing writes critically about the recent visit of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to the Yasukuni Shrine in Tokyo. This article is no doubt part of the worldwide anti-Japanese campaign orchestrated by his head office in Beijing.

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Helsinki Times English Programme 2014

Helsinki Times is the only English-language, weekly newspaper in Finland. Helsinki Times staff have now put together an English programme for 2014, with the aim of providing inspiration and motivation for those who want to improve their skills in the language.

The programme contains eight study modules - each one based on articles published in the most recent edition of the newspaper. A range of exercises introduce learners to the material and help them gain a deeper understanding of the language - included are; text comprehension exercises, verb usage, vocabulary building and lots of other interesting activities. Instructors' answers are also provided.

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Programme prices for the 2014 study year

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An individual subscription to the programme is also possible. The price is 152€.

8 Helsinki Times annual subscriptions for a special price
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The language packs for 2014 will be published according to the following schedule:

28 February
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28 November

The study materials will be sent by email on the above dates to teachers.
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Helsinki Timesin englannin opetusohjelma lukuvuonna 2014

Helsinki Times on Suomen ainoa englanninkielinen viikottainen sanomalehti, jossa voi lukea Suomeen liittyviä ajankohtaisia uutisia ja artikkeleita englanniksi. Helsinki Times on nyt toteuttanut uuden englannin opetusohjelman vuodelle 2014, joka on tarkoitettu inspiroivaksi materiaaliksi englannin kielen opetukseen!

Helsinki Timesin englannin kielen opetusohjelma vuonna 2013 pitää sisällään kahdeksan opetusohjelmaa, jotka perustuvat aina viimeisimmän numeron artikkeleihin. Jokaisessa opetuspaketissa oppilaat tutustuvat moderniin uutisenglantiin erilaisten harjoitusten kautta. Opetusohjelmassa on tekstin ymmärtämisharjoituksia, verbiharjoituksia, sanastotehtäviä ja hauskoja harjoituksia, jotka perustuvat valittuun uutisartikkeliin. Mukaan tulee myös opettajan vastauspaketti.

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I am writing in response to Ms Pilar Díaz who wrote an article this week about her problem or lack of medical service here in Finland.

I think she was unfortunate possibly with her doctor or the health clinic but my experience of the Finnish national health is in complete contrast.

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Dear Editor,

I am disappointed at the latest commentary of Huang Xing, PRC Ambassador to Finland (Issue January 9-15, Viewpoint: “Yasukuni Shrine, a touchstone of Japan’s attitudes towards history and future”). Not all, but quite many points in his account are biased, erroneous, and politically motivated.

War history and postwar reconciliation in East Asia are still highly sensitive and complicated issues. Regarding China, there are definitely some other newsworthy topics Mr Huang could have clarified.

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Dear citizens of Europe,

I will talk to you, using my Greek perspective, about the Renaissance, the period of time when Europe finally left behind medieval times. Western civilisation discovered philosophy and art, the sense of justice and democracy, the ancient Greek way of thinking and the real principals of being a human. Europeans! We tried hard to understand all of this.

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Established 2007
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Publisher Helsinki Times Oy
Helsinki Times is the first weekly newspaper in Finland which provides a reliable and much-needed source of news and information about Finland in English. In addition to domestic and international news, it includes a review of Finnish newspapers and magazines, as well as articles concerning Finland published in the international press. Culture, sport and lifestyle sections are also essential parts of the content in Helsinki Times. The newspaper also offers a weekly events guide as well as a weekly selection of TV programmes in English.

Helsinki Times is a tabloid format newspaper, with an average circulation of 15,000 copies. According to a reader survey (autumn 2007) the readership of Helsinki Times includes foreigners working in Finland, professionals and diplomats stationed in Finland as well as their families. In addition the readership includes people visiting the country on business or vacation, as well as everyone around the world with a special interest in Finland and the news related to it. According to the survey Helsinki Times has about 30,000 readers a week who represent over 20 different nationalities. Therefore an advert in Helsinki Times will be read by a growing number of people visiting and living in Finland, whose first language is not Finnish.

Helsinki Times is on sale at bookstores, newsstands, railway stations, hotels and airports throughout Finland, priced €3. In addition it is available at all of Finnair’s return flights to Finland: 7,000 copies are distributed weekly on 350 flights arriving at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport. In addition Nokia subscribes Helsinki Times to all its foreign employees. Helsinki Times is also available on annual subscription for €96, delivered hot off the press to your home or business.

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