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In case you are born in the 80s like me, your idea of a flashlight is a device with old fashioned batteries which, when fully functioning, would light your path for a few meters ahead. Fast forward to 2020 and the era of super-powerful led lights and rechargeable batteries and boom; you are in for a surprise.

One problem is however the reliability and price. You are in for a disappointment if you buy your led flashlight online from Aliexpress or god forbid Banggood (now better known as Bangs**t) and it stops working after a couple of weeks. This is why I was delighted to see the first Finnish designed, and CE certified Led Super-flashlights from Kaari.


Kaaridesign was first to bring their own design of plasma lighters to the Finnish market, which is still one of the main products of the company. Plasma lighters do not need gas or other fossil fuel, but use a rechargeable battery and produce a plasma flame which could as quickly light candles or start the fire in your fireplace. 

Now the company has introduced a new line up of exciting products to the market:

KAARI LOISTE is the flagship product of the Kaari flashlight family. Delivering an impressing 1000 lumen of brightness, the flashlight literary turns night into day for you. The flashlight uses a 5100 milliamperes/hour Samsung LED and can function for two full hours with one charge. The light, like all other Kaari flashlights, is zoomable. The retail price is €59.95.

KAARI HOHDE is a 650-lumen zoomable flashlight which falls in the middle category regarding size, power and price. The flashlight fits in your pocket comfortably and has a Samsung LED cell. It can function for up to two hours with one charge, and the retail price is €49.95.

KAARI SÄIHKE, despite its small size, can deliver a 500-lumen brightness. The Cree LED XM-L2 cell comes with 3 steps and powered by the Kaari 18650 rechargeable and replaceable Lithium battery. The retail price is €39.95.

KAARI LOIMU X2 combines a plasma lighter and a double-action Led flashlight. This product is suitable for hikers and campers. The 100 lumen light lasts for 3 hours, and the plasma torch has a telescopic arm to make it easier to light fires while camping. The retail price is €39,95

Kaari emphasis on quality and endurance. “ we have noticed that many flashlights in the market do not deliver the promised lighting power. We keep our promise. For example, our 1000 lumen flashlights lose only one-third of its power in the two hours usage time,” says Kaari’s head of marketing Jani Tuominen.

All products are rechargeable and made of 3rd type hard-anodised aluminium and are rain and dust resistant (IP44/IP54). 

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Paul Kostner - HT