Helsinki Education Week, held in November, will turn from the long coronavirus crisis to look towards the future for functional tools, practices and questions to enable children and young people to shape their own futures.

What are future skills, and how can we promote them?

Helsinki Education Week, which will be held for the fourth time this year, brings together more than 14,000 teachers and caregivers in Helsinki to share and develop future skills.

With its unifying theme, Designers of the Future, Helsinki Education Week in 2021 shifts the focus to the learners. The aim is to ask pedagogically insightful questions and find solutions that strengthen the learners’ experience of active involvement – together.

The role of education is to provide the coming generations with the skills and means to build a positive future. What skills do learners need to shape a sustainable, meaningful and equal future?

“The experience of inclusion and the opportunity to influence things are essential for seeing the future in a positive light,” says Liisa Pohjolainen, the Head of City of Helsinki Education Division.

All parties working in the field of education and training in the Helsinki area can make programme proposals for the event week. The events can be aimed at education professionals, learners, their caregivers or others interested in learning and its development. International learning developers will also be involved, as Helsinki Education Week is organised in co-operation with HundrED, a global non-profit focusing on discovering learning innovations.

Source: Education Division of the City of Helsinki