After witnessing the result of Brexit, Finnish Finance Minister Petteri Orpo believes that no further EU members will want to follow in the UK’s footsteps.


Finnish Finance Minister Petteri Orpo has certainly been popular in the world press over the last 10 days. His quotes about Brexit were picked up by the Financial Express, while his thoughts on Finland approaching the end of austerity were the subject of a feature by Bloomberg.

In other news, Finland is ranked as the most eco-friendly country on Earth,

the Greens are considering the benefits of nuclear power and the first Finnish satellite is launched into space.

Brexit will be so painful that no one will want to follow
Financial Express

“Britain’s departure from the European Union sets a precedent. But not in the way you might think. Instead of showing other EU members that it’s possible to exit the bloc, Brexit will make clear just how economically agonizing the process is, and frighten others away from ever considering a similar path, according to Finland’s Finance Minister Petteri Orpo.

“This divorce, after 40 years of marriage, is inevitably going to be so painful that no one will want to feel it for themselves,” Orpo said in an interview at his office in Helsinki. “I believe it’s going to be a precedent no one will want to follow.””

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Is austerity coming to an end in Finland?

“Finland’s economic stewards, used to presenting bad news, are getting positively giddy.

The self-described sick-man of Europe is now showing signs of real progress after years of tough budget cuts and tax increases. That may allow the country to avoid further austerity, its finance minister, Petteri Orpo, said in an interview Helsinki on Thursday.

“We have left recession clearly behind us,” Orpo said. “We’ve had a predictable economic policy and that’s starting to bring results.”

Those results will likely mean a still modest expansion of 1.6 percent this year, accelerating from 1.4 percent last year, according to the Bank of Finland. But the economy is gaining a broader growth base, helped by a recovery in exports and a surprising revival in consumer confidence even as unemployment hovers at about 9 percent.”

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Will the Greens become pro-nuclear?

“Last month, four municipal election candidates from the traditionally anti-nuclear Green Party in Finland published an opinion piece in which they stated that humanity no longer has the luxury of opposing nuclear power.

This is significant. Well over a hundred election candidates from all the major parties – these Greens included – signed a petition calling for feasibility studies for nuclear district heating to provide heat for Finnish cities.

The country has vowed to end the use of coal by 2030 and their wide use of biomass is controversial as it causes significant health effects in some indoor air situations. Finland is receiving the brunt of global warming, as temperatures across Finland are climbing faster than anywhere else in the world. And global warming is impossible to address in the next 20 years without expanding nuclear power.”

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Finland launches first satellite into space
The Science Times

“Finland's first satellite was finally launched after years of delays. The Aalto-2 successfully made its journey into space last Tuesday.

The launching event was held at the US state of Florida. According to, the satellite was designed and created by students in Otaniemi and was launched using the Atlas V booster rocket heading for the International Space Station.

The Aalto-2 nanosatellite was sent to take part in the International QB50 mission, which will produce the first ever comprehensive model of the thermosphere. The thermosphere is the layer located between the Earth's atmosphere and space, and with the help of the Aalto-2, its features will be revealed and studied.”

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Finland is ranked as the world’s most eco-friendly country
The Telegraph

Produced by the Yale Center for Environmental Law & Policy, [the Environmental Performance Index] is based on an assessment of the policies of 180 nations, reflecting whether they [are] meeting internationally established environmental targets or, in the absence of agreed targets, how they compare to one another.

Top of the eco-chart is Finland. According to the 2016 EPI report, Finland’s ranking "stems from its societal commitment to achieve a carbon-neutral society". It adds: "Finland’s goal of consuming 38 per cent of their final energy from renewable sources by 2020 is legally binding, and they already produce nearly two-thirds of their electricity from renewable or nuclear power sources."

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Photo: Lehtikuva / DPA / Jens Kalaene