Finland in the world press

Finland provides the perfect setting for creating your own film, finds travel company Luxury Action."Ever watched a movie and wished that was your life – or at least your vacation?

Now it can be, just as long as your fantasies involve Finland. Over-the-top dreams-to-reality filmmaking is the latest luxury travel offering to come out of the Nordic nation.

Called 'The Hollywood Experience,' the custom-designed travel concept was created by Janne Honkanen, owner of high-end travel company Luxury Action.

The concept goes like this: the client comes up with a 'literary or visual narrative' that serves as a script for his or her 'Hollywood movie.'

This could be parents who want to travel with their children to Santa's workshop in the North Pole.

Or a 'Bourne' fan who wants his own car chase caught on video. Or a 'Chronicles of Narnia' reader who'd love to step into the Hundred-Year Winter.

Personalized epics

The company arranges the on-site production and movie shoot, as well as the final edit incorporating visual or sound effects.

'My returning clients are always looking for something upgraded and more personalised,' says Honkanen about how the concept came about.

'These busy business people have dreams and want to offer something unique to their family and children.'..."