Running the Disobedience School is artist Jani Leinonen.Next spring Kiasma will host a 15-metre-tall classroom.

There, Finns will be taught the ABC's of disobedience. The aim is to fill desks with children and young adults, but adults are also welcome.

Teachers include, among others, last autumn's tax gimmick opposers Riku Rantala and Tuomas "Tunna" Milonoff from Docyenture, rapper Karri "Paleface" Miettinen and Marjaana Toiviainen, a priest from Kallio who has given the homeless a home in her own.

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Students gather near the Law Faculty at the University of Helsinki, Porthania.IN the future, universities and other higher education institutions must reserve study places for applicants who have not accepted a study place in a degree programme or completed a degree in a Finnish higher education institution.

The obligation is set forth in a proposal presented for parliamentary consideration on 14 November by the Government as part of its structural policy programme.

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Tania Nathan is a long-term legal immigrant who gives the term 'jack of all trades' its meaning. Currently her adventures have taken her back to school, where hopefully, her brains will not implode nor her lecturers' patience with her.It's a quarter to ten in the morning but the student affairs office hasn't opened for the day. The lobby of the University of Helsinki is quiet. So taking a seat in a very haughty looking chair, I sit down to wait. Soon the lights go on, the doors are unlocked and the red electronic numbering system flashes on. Out of nowhere swarms of people show up, and soon the machine is bipping as it spits out queue numbers one after another. Welcome to a day in the life of a potential student – me.

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Virginia Cerchi, an Italian student of Finnish, gives illalla as her favourite word, saying it illustrates the softness of the language. The most difficult thing is the inclination of the nouns in Finnish.A soft, gentle language, the language of Father Christmas. This is how Italian Virginia Cerchi, 25, describes Finnish, which caught her attention when she heard it on a Nightwish record.

"One of the Nightwish records had a song in Finnish. I started to wonder what that nice language was."

Cerchi searched YouTube for other music in Finnish and came across the Ella and Aleksi children's songs.

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A new report proposes extra support related to education for young immigrants.Young immigrants in the Helsinki region struggle in comparison to their Finnish contemporaries to get into upper-secondary school, indicates a study commissioned by the City of Helsinki.

These youngsters are consequently in danger of having to rely on social assistance for their financial safety.

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A growing number of foreigners want to study the language, but are perplexed by the differences between spoken and formal Finnish.After learning formal Finnish, the spoken language may come as a surprise.

ONE OF the biggest challenges in learning Finnish is that spoken Finnish is almost unrecognisable from the formal Finnish language that is normally taught. Therefore, after getting some kind of grasp of the language during the lessons, the students go out to use what they have learned only to discover that they have been taught a language that no one out there actually speaks. Does this sound familiar?

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Media literacy entails various aspects such as enhancing youth awareness, along with a critical understanding of the media, the purpose of the message and the intention of the content producer.Future education demands critical understanding of the media.

The knock-on effects of the Internet and the resultant emergence of social media are inevitably being felt in the education sphere. The increasing range of sources, forms of media and ways of communication undoubtedly challenge approaches to education in the 21st century. Amidst this backdrop, the development of media literacy has become an integral part of the discussion.

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The objective of the decree, among others, is to shorten students’ graduation time.Under a decree issued by the Government last week, the funding of Finnish polytechnics is to be determined on a range of performance indicators such as the number of completed degrees, the quality of study programmes, efficiency, the employment rate of graduates, and research and development programmes. The objective of the decree, which is part of the ongoing polytechnic reform process, is to enhance the efficiency of polytechnics and to shorten graduation times.

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Although not mandatory, many teachers advise their students to take the YKI test.Having your Finnish proficiency certified is a vital step in getting on in Finland.

SAUNA is probably the only word in Finnish most non-Finns know – and sometimes without even knowing where it comes from.

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Apocalyptica is famous for its unique cello-metal worldwide.Heavy metal, love and business, what do they have in common? They are likely reasons to immerse you in learning Finnish.

FORGET about love: metal is the answer. At least that’s the case for the majority of international students when they are asked about their motivations to study Finnish, according to a report by the Centre for International Mobility (CIMO). The organisation cites friends and family relations, rally driving, ice hockey and the Moomins as other important reasons for students to engage in the adventure of adding proficiency in Finnish to their qualifications.

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