Iran is a county country of beautiful mountains and deserts situated in southwest of Asia. Eastern Iran is dominated by a high plateau, with large salt flats and vast sand deserts. The plateau is surrounded by even higher mountains, including the Zagros to the west and the Elburz to the north. Irans neighbors are Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan and Armenia to the north, Afghanistan and Pakistan to the east, and Turkey and Iraq to the west. The capital Tehran is the country’s largest city and the political, cultural, commercial and industrial center of the nation. Iran holds an important position in international energy security and world economy as a result of its large reserves of petroleum and natural gas.

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Traditional ceramics of the village of Kalpourkan.In Finland we are familiar with many fine and important things of Iran. We admire the Persian carpets and have learned about human civilisation and advancement through the illustrious history and archaeological treasures discovered in ancient Iran.

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The Vank Church, Isfahan.General Human Rights Policies in the Islamic republic of Iran

The human rights policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran, emanating from its national and regional particularities as well as its cultural, historical and religious backgrounds, has continuously emphasised the significance of interactive and cooperative approach in progress towards fulfilment of its human rights obligations. To that end, the Islamic Republic of Iran is firmly determined to utilise its potential and capacity to the maximum extent in order to achieve the full realisation of human rights.

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President Rouhani speaking at the general assembly of the United Nations.In recent years, a dominant voice has been repeatedly heard: "The military option is on the table." Against the backdrop of this illegal and ineffective contention, let me say loudly and clearly that "peace is within reach." So, in the name of the Islamic Republic of Iran, I propose, as a starting step, the consideration by the United Nations of the project: "the World Against Violence and Extremism." (WAVE)

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Chehel Sotoon Palace in Isfahan.Isfanan is the capital of Isfahan Province in Iran, located about 340 km south of Iran, and is Iran's third largest city. Isfahan is located on the main north–south and east–west routes crossing Iran, and used to be one of the largest cities in the world. It is placed in the lush plain of the Zayandeh river at the foothills of the Zagros mountain range.

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