Low-income people's Christmas gift wishes for children: Shampoo and soap

Low-income people's Christmas gift wishes for children: Shampoo and soap

Heidi Miettinen knows that not all Finnish families can affo...

Bank of Finland expects recession to drag on

Bank of Finland expects recession to drag on

Deficit in public finances to remain considerable and public...

70 employees face the axe at Seppälä

70 employees face the axe at Seppälä

Stockmann has completed negotiations with the staff of Seppä...

Free education?

Free education?

I often hear young foreigners and Finns alike ideating over ...

Finland as a model(?) country for equality and human rights

Finland as a model(?) country for equality and human rights

As a formally qualified psychologist and social scientist, I...

Need for food aid has spiked

Need for food aid has spiked

"When I took over this organisation from my father in 2005, ...

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Two injured as Oskari storm rips through Helsinki region

Two ambulances were dispatched to treat two people injured by a falling tree in Espoo.

Falling trees injure two in Espoo and cause a railway blockage in Helsinki.

TWO PEOPLE suffered serious injuries on an outdoor trail in Ymmersta, Espoo, on Sunday evening, when a tree fell on them as the Oskari storm swept across the Helsinki region. Two ambulances and a rescue helicopter were dispatched to respond to the incident, after it was reported by passer-by.

The victims suffered multiple injuries, tells Petri Maunula from the Länsi-Uusimaa Department for Rescue Services. The base of the fallen tree, he adds, was in poor condition.

At the Helsinki Airport, gusty winds peaked at 26 metres per second.

In East Helsinki, a metro train collided with a tree that had fallen onto the tracks between the Itäkeskus and Siilitie stations at approximately 8.30 pm. Although the severe collision caused damage to the cab of the train, no one was injured.

“The train was going at a decent speed when it crashed. For a few seconds, I thought it would fall off the tracks. We were all startled. For a few seconds, we exchanged glances, and I thought: was this it,” recounted Reija Sann, one of the passengers aboard the train.

“Luckily, no one was injured,” she said.

Although rescue services arrived on the scene shortly after the collision, the train was not released to continue its run until after 9.30 pm. The passengers were allowed to leave the train at the Siilitie station.

In addition, the Oskari storm brought down power lines, leaving tens of thousands of households in both coastal and inland regions without power. In the Häme, Pirkanmaa and Central Finland regions, more than 15,000 homes on the Elenia grid remained without power at midnight. In Southern and Southwest Finland, in turn, more than 11,000 households were cut off from the Fortum grid.

Samuli Laita, Marke Harkas – Helsingin Sanomat
Aleksi Teivainen – Helsinki Times
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