Jukka Kopra, a deputy chairperson of the National Coalition Parliamentary Group, says the EU should take action to ensure people not in need of international protection do not make their way to the 28-country bloc in search of asylum. (Credit: Handout – YLE)


THE NATIONAL COALITION says it is prepared to increase the refugee quota but only on the condition that a new asylum system based on quota refugees is created by the European Union.

“We hope we can develop the asylum mechanism in a way that we can basically do away completely with cross-border asylum applications, meaning there’d be no mass migration to target countries,” stated Jukka Kopra, a deputy chairperson of the National Coalition Parliamentary Group.

The National Coalition stresses that it is key to process asylum applications exclusively at so-called disembarkation centres to be established outside and controlled immigration centres to be established at the borders of the European Union.

Kopra explained that such a system would ensure, first, that asylum applications are received only from people who are genuinely in need of international protection and, second, that people not in need of protection do not make the journey to the European Union.

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He was unwilling to shed light on how much the refugee quota could be increased.

Kai Mykkänen (NCP), the Minister of the Interior, told Uutissuomalainen roughly a year ago that adopting a new, quota refugee-based asylum system could result in a tenfold increase in the refugee quota in Finland. He estimated later in an interview with YLE that the number of quota refugees could grow tenfold in the EU, but not necessarily in Finland as the country is already accepting a high number of quota refugees relative to its size.

“We haven’t considered the numbers yet,” said Kopra.

“The numbers that have been announced earlier – raising [the quota] possibly from the current 750 to 1,000 – could apply in the event that we successfully put a stop to cross-border asylum applications,” he added.

Members of the European Union agreed last summer to promote the establishment of the disembarkation centres and prevent the movement of asylum seekers between the member states. The 28-country bloc also conceded that more time will be needed to set up the centres in North Africa, as not a single country has yet to declare its willingness to host such a centre.

Aleksi Teivainen – HT
Source: Uusi Suomi