“I can’t accept a pig in a poke,” says Harri Jaskari (NCP).
“I can’t accept a pig in a poke,” says Harri Jaskari (NCP).

Most National Coalition Party members have re-affirmed their commitment to the social, health care and regional government reform.

YLE on Thursday revealed that 25 of the 33 party members it surveyed announced their intention to vote for the long-discussed reform bill. The National Coalition Parliamentary Group has a total of 38 members.

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The only respondent to voice her opposition to the bill was Elina Lepomäki (NCP), who last week urged the government to concede the fact that the bill will not meet the objectives set for it.

Five respondents stated that they would rather not to comment on the issue and two that they are unable to comment one way or the other.

“The government is committed to the reform, but I can’t accept a pig in a poke. It must be possible to justify every single fact as well as the county system in the event that we ask unpleasant questions,” said Harri Jaskari (NCP), a third-term parliament member from Pirkanmaa.

Some respondents also emphasised that their position on the reform bill is not set in stone because the government had yet to present its final bill at the time of the poll. The Finnish government will unveil its bills for implementing the regional government reform and increasing customers’ freedom to choose their social and health care provider this afternoon.

The issue has garnered interest of late because the three ruling parliamentary groups only have a narrow, five-seat majority in the Finnish Parliament.

Aleksi Teivainen – HT
Photo: Roni Rekomaa – Lehtikuva
Source: Uusi Suomi