Finnish citizens should be exempt from the income requirements for bringing a family member to live in Finland, estimates Arto Satonen, the chairperson of the National Coalition Parliamentary Group.Arto Satonen, the chairperson of the National Coalition Parliamentary Group, has called for revisions to the draft bill for reforming the Aliens Act.

The draft bill, which is currently being circulated for comments, would extend the income requirements for bringing family members to live in Finland also to Finnish citizens. A sponsor intent on bringing their spouse and two under-age children to live in the country, for example, would be required to provide proof of monthly net earnings of at least 2,600 euros.

The draft bill has been drawn up under the supervision of one of the party comrades of Satonen: Petteri Orpo, the Minister of the Interior.

“I've discussed the matter with […] Petteri Orpo and I'd like to assess it thoroughly after this round of comments. I'm personally of the opinion that the income requirements should not apply to Finnish citizens,” Satonen said in an interview on YLE TV1 on Monday.

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Satonen urged Finland to follow in the footsteps of other Nordic and European countries and reduce the pull factors that make the country a particularly appealing destination for refugees. “But when it comes to Finnish citizens, [the income requirements] have nothing to do with it. That's why I'm personally of the opinion that this part of the reform should be changed,” he stated.

The income requirements have also come under criticism from Outi Alanko-Kahiluoto, the chairperson of the Green Parliamentary Group.

“The income requirements laid out in the bill would effectively mean that a notable share of Finns would be unable to satisfy them. They're unreasonably high […]. The fulfilment of human rights hasn't typically been approached from the viewpoint of personal assets. That's in violation of all human rights ideas,” she argues.

Aleksi Teivainen – HT
Photo: Petteri Paalasmaa – Uusi Suomi
Source: Uusi Suomi


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