Finnish goaltender Pekka Rinne of the Nashville Predators is beaten by Justin Schultz of the Pittsburgh Penguins in Game 5 of the 2017 NHL Stanley Cup Finals on June 8, 2017.


Hot on the heels of the UK’s general election, this week’s roundup of international news saw former Finnish Prime Minister Alexander Stubb speak to Bloomberg about the “messy” situation the country now finds itself in.

Meanwhile, Sampo Terho wants the Finns party to remain in the coalition for the sake of the economy, while Finland donates €2 million to Somalia to help with women’s health programmes.

Finally, Tom of Finland is a film for “Trump times” and Finnish goaltending star Pekka Rinne struggles in Game 5 of the Stanley Cup Finals.

Stubb says UK election result lessens chance of “hard” Brexit

Speaking about the UK election that has left the country with a hung parliament, former Finnish Prime Minister Alexander Stubb told Bloomberg: “It’s not good news for anyone. I think the situation is quite messy. It’s very complicated; it’s not very stable. And that’s why I think it’s time for everyone to regroup – we need to count to ten and figure out how to take things forward.

I just think that the issue of Brexit is so colossal, both for the United Kingdom and also for the European Union, and that’s why I think we really need to reflect carefully on what’s going on. These decisions are being rushed through, including this election, and it’s not doing good for anyone.

I actually think that this further weakens the UK’s negotiating hand. I never felt it was strong anyway – I think the negotiating cards are all in the hands of the EU 27 and of the European Commission because, at the end of the day, you just have to decide on two things with Brexit: one is the date, and the other one is the bill that should be footed. That’s why I think it was very wrong of Theresa May to say that no deal is better than a bad deal – that’s simply an empty threat. I think that the negotiating hand of the UK is weaker and I do agree with George Osborne that a hard Brexit is now, fortunately, less likely than what it was 24 hours ago.”

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Terho wants Finns party to stay in coalition to reform economy

“Finland's nationalist Finns party should stay in the centre-right government despite its upcoming leadership changes to ensure continuity in economic policy, Helsinki's Europe minister said on Monday.

Sampo Terho, who is campaigning to take over the eurosceptic party's leadership in a vote on Saturday, said the three-party coalition would be best to hold on until the 2019 general election because its austerity and reform programme was finally showing positive results.

“It is important to have the government in place until the end of the term," Terho told Reuters in an interview. "Our economy is growing and long-term unemployment is coming down after a long negative period, so it would be regrettable to endanger this development.””

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Finland grants Somalia €2 million for women’s health programmes

“The Government of Finland and the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) Somalia have signed an agreement under which the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland has provided a grant of two million EUR in support of UNFPA’s overall goal of improving the wellbeing of Somali people, particularly women, girls and young people.

The Ambassador of Finland to Somalia Ms. Tarja Fernández said sexual and reproductive health and rights are a priority in Finland’s development cooperation.

“Fragile environment and lack of services affect severely the most vulnerable groups of the society. Often women and girls are particularly at risk. UNFPA’s important work in this regard matches the key interest of Finland to support Somalia’s efforts to improve the rights of women and girls,” said Ms. Fernández.”

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Tom of Finland is a film for “Trump times”
Wisconsin Gazette

“Director Dome Karukoski says his new movie — about a gay artist famous for homoerotic drawings of muscle men — is a film for “Trump times.”

“It’s going to be a rough four years, the world is going back to the Middle Ages,” the director said, according to Screen Daily. “What we hope to achieve with this film is to bring it into a mainstream audience. People might not care about Tom, or about gays, but it is so much easier for us to let people love and let people be who they are.”

Tom of Finland had its world premiere earlier this year at Sweden’s Göteborg Film Festival, where it won the Fipresci Award from international critics.”

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Finnish star Pekka Rinne struggles in Game 5 of Stanley Cup Finals
Fox Sports

“Pekka Rinne’s struggles in Pittsburgh have his Nashville Predators on the brink of elimination. It was a familiar showing for Rinne. The three-time Vezina Trophy finalist allowed eight goals on just 36 shots during the first two games in Pittsburgh.

Rinne, the playoff leader in wins and goals-against average, rebounded in a big way for Games 3 and 4 in Nashville, limiting Pittsburgh to a just two goals on 52 shots as the Predators evened the series.

But Rinne struggled again Thursday in Pittsburgh, a place where he’s never started and won in six career games. He gave up two goals in the first 6:43 of the game and it never improved from there as he started the second period on the bench.

“Obviously not the start you want to have,” Rinne said. ”It seemed hard for us to get anything going. Right now we’ve just got to focus on Game 6 at home and put all our energy in that one.””

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