This week’s roundup of international media includes Kimmo Tiilikainen, the Finnish Minister of Energy and the Environment, criticising US President Trump’s “negligence” in pulling out of the Paris climate deal.


The world reacted in dismay following US President Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris climate accord, with Finnish Minister Kimmo Tiilikainen adding his voice to a long list of international figures to express their concern over the situation.

In more positive news, entrepreneur Heli Kurjanen’s company Lunette has teamed up with H&M’s Monki to lead the world market in menstrual cups and promote period positivity.

Elsewhere, Finnish consumer confidence is at an all-time high, the relaunched Nokia 3310 may struggle to sell in Africa, and royal guests have been helping Finland to celebrate its centenary.

Finland laments Trump’s decision to withdraw from climate deal
Radio Canada International

“Politicians from many of the world’s eight circumpolar nations wasted no time lambasting U.S. President Donald Trump on Thursday after he announced his plans to withdraw from the Paris climate agreement.

“The richest nation in the world shows its negligence regarding the future of mankind,” Kimmo Tiilikainen, the Energy and Environment Minister of Finland, the country currently chairing the Arctic Council, said in a news statement shortly after the announcement.

The Paris climate agreement was reached by 197 countries in 2015. Its main goal is to keep global temperature increase to less than 2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels. To date, the accord has been ratified by 147 countries, including the United States. But on Thursday, Trump said he was withdrawing from the agreement, saying it was bad for U.S. workers, business and the economy.”

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Finnish consumer confidence is at highest rate since records began

“Finland’s consumers are more optimistic today than when Nokia Oyj dominated the mobile phone world.

Consumer sentiment rose to 24.1 in May, the highest reading since records began in 1995, Statistics Finland said in a statement Monday. Business confidence improved to plus 8, the highest in six years, the Confederation of Finnish Industries in Helsinki said in a separate statement.

“A strong growth period is underway,” Hypo Chief Economist Juhana Brotherus said by phone. “The positive news coverage on the Finnish economy has lasted for a while and that has strengthened confidence in the economy.””

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Tackling stigma and taking over a global market
Business Insider Nordic

“Heli Kurjanen, who has taken her menstrual cup Lunette from a small village 60 kilometres outside the Finnish city of Tampere to all corners of the world, now steps in to somewhat unexpected ground.

“Partnering with a company like Monki is something we have dreamed of for years. Monki shares our mission to have honest and inspiring conversations about menstruation so that we can motivate period positivity - and change the world one cup at a time”, said Heli Kurjanen, CEO and founder of Lunette, in a press release.

Simplifying women’s lives has been a focus for Heli Kurjanen since the start of Lunette, together with a goal to remove the stigma surrounding menstruation, and to offer products that are kind both to the environment and the wallet.”

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Nordic royals add sparkle to Finnish centenary celebration
The Washington Post

“A flag-waving crowd gathered on Helsinki’s main square [on Thursday 1 June] to get a glimpse of Nordic royalties joining in celebrating Finland’s 100 years of independence.

Guests, including Denmark’s Queen Margrethe, King Harald of Norway, Sweden’s King Carl XVI Gustaf and Icelandic President Gudni Johannesson, were received Thursday by Finnish President Sauli Niinisto.

The pomp was one of the highlights of year-long celebrations culminating Dec. 6 — the day Finland’s Parliament declared independence from Russia in 1917. Finland was part of Sweden for 700 years before it was annexed into the Russian Empire in 1809.”

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The Nokia 3310 fights against its old self in Africa
International Business Times

“With the launch of the revamped Nokia 3310 in Finland on Wednesday [31 May], HMD Global may be hoping that a wave of memories will help revive the company's fortunes in its homeland. But the company will have to take a completely different approach to boost the brand in Africa.

While the jazzed-up Nokia 3310 will likely make Europeans breathe a fresh air of nostalgia, in Africa it's nothing but a costly replication of the old "brick," which was the world's most popular device in 2000, despite being a basic talk and text phone.

The old Nokia 3310 still remains the widely used device for communication in Africa, where smartphones are yet to become a mainstream device. According to a 2016 study by the Pew Research Centre, one in three handsets in South Africa is a smartphone, while it's one in four in Nigeria.”

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