Police officers at the crime scene on 3 September.The young man accused of shooting his father in a shopping centre in central Helsinki last September has been found guilty of murder and imperilment. The District Court of Helsinki sentenced the defendant to 12 years and 6 months in prison, citing in its ruling the results of a psychological evaluation, which indicate that the defendant was suffering from severe depression and was unable to fully control his actions at the time of the incident.

On the other hand, the court also emphasised the amount of preparation the gunman had undertaken on the day of the shooting: he had his rifle repaired in the morning, bought ammunition and invited his father to a restaurant in the Aikatalo shopping centre under the pretext of reconciliation. He came to the restaurant with the loaded rifle concealed in a guitar case and shot his father. The people who witnessed the shooting were deemed entitled to monetary compensation of a few thousand euro.

Grudge over upbringing

In court, the young man justified his actions with a grudge he harboured against his father, whose obsession with sports had resulted in the son developing severe leg pains, which still tormented him, occasionally preventing him from sleeping.

His mother, meanwhile, revealed that the relationship between the son and his father had gotten notably worse last summer. She also underlined that she and her sister had sought hospital care for the son for his mental issues, but the doctor consulted did not believe that he required institutionalisation.The name of the defendant is not disclosed because details of his medical records are revealed in this story.

Tomi Oravainen,
Paula Ropponen – STT

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