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Laura Huhtasaari (PS) was officially nominated as the presidential candidate of the Finns Party on 23 September, 2017.
Laura Huhtasaari (PS) was officially nominated as the presidential candidate of the Finns Party on 23 September, 2017.


Laura Huhtasaari (PS) wasted little time in criticising the European Union, the Schengen Agreement and the state of freedom of speech in Finland after being officially nominated as the presidential candidate of the Finns Party on Saturday.

“I want to bring back power from Brussels,” she declared in her nomination acceptance speech.

The European Union has according to her demonstrated its inability to prevent massive uncontrolled immigration.

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“Saying this out loud is considered radical for some reason even though it shouldn’t be. Questioning something that doesn’t make sense should be part of normal policy making. Finland is the most important country to us,” she said, adding that the country must not subscribe to the burden-sharing mechanism of the EU.

Huhtasaari expressed her opposition to passport-free movement across most of the 28-country bloc, enabled by the Schengen Agreement.

“Schengen has had is time. Schengen should be abolished. If there are no border controls at the borders, surveillance will increase inside the borders. There are men with assault rifles at metro stations in Paris,” she stated.

She pledged to restore security in Finland, arguing that the costs arising from the influx of asylum seekers witnessed by the country in the latter half of 2015 have been shouldered by regular Finns.

“Are we fostering security if we let go of our independence bit by bit? How does letting tens of thousands of unknown people into our country promote the defence of our country?” asked Huhtasaari.

She also argued that it is not justifiable to accuse everyone who expresses a different opinion of hate speech.

Huhtasaari came under such allegations earlier this month after urging the government to defend Finland, Finns and the Finnish identity in the face of what she called “Islamisation”. Her controversial statements came only a day after all parliamentary parties issued a rare joint statement condemning violence and hate speech in all their forms.

“One form of exercising power is to accuse someone of hate speech in order not to have to make any arguments. If people everywhere started to watch their words, it’d practically be the end of freedom of speech,” she stated in her speech on Saturday.

“I want Finns to have the right to speak up again.”

Aleksi Teivainen – HT
Photo: Antti Aimo-Koivisto – Lehtikuva
Source: Uusi Suomi

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