Sampo Terho believes that a reform of the immigration system is more important than raising the refugee quota.


The Blue Reform group has stated that it is not in favour of raising the refugee quota.

This is in contrast to Blue Reform’s partners in the Finnish government, the Centre and National Coalition parties, who have both supported the idea. Most recently, Prime Minister Juha Sipilä announced that he would personally be prepared to "temporarily raise Finland's quota to as many as 2,000 refugees." The current quota is 750.

“The moderate increase in the refugee quota can be discussed once the costs of the immigration system have been better managed,” said the Minister for European Affairs, Culture and Sport, Sampo Terho.

The party believes that the asylum system should be improved. A statement from Blue Reform explains: "For the sustainability of the immigration system, it is essential that asylum applications be processed outside the EU."

“This should, in my opinion, be one of the top EU policy goals in Finland at the moment,” stated Terho.

Blue Reform regard the processing of applications outside Europe as a sensible idea, while they also believe that resources should be provided in order to help victims of crises more effectively.

“The processing of asylum applications outside Europe should be made more accessible to host societies. Doing so would help in reallocating resources to, for example, the humanitarian needs of the affected regions. Looking at the big picture, this would be much more important than raising the refugee quota,” Terho explained.

Dan Anderson – HT
Photo: Lehtikuva / Antti Aimo-Koivisto
Source: Uusi Suomi

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