A wedding cake decorated with a rainbow-coloured heart was displayed at Music Theatre Kapsäkki in Helsinki on 1 March, 2017.
A wedding cake decorated with a rainbow-coloured heart was displayed at Music Theatre Kapsäkki in Helsinki on 1 March, 2017.


Over 1,500 same-sex couples have tied the knot in Finland since the introduction of gender-neutral marriage laws in March.

The Finnish Population Register Centre has collected data indicating that 456 same-sex couples were married and that 1,122 same-sex couples converted their registered partnerships into marriages between 1 March and 31 August, 2017.

Häme and Uusimaa accounted for more than one-half (56%) of the marriages performed over the six-month period. The fewest same-sex marriages were contrastively recorded in Eastern Finland, South-east Finland, Northern Finland and Lapland, which together accounted for 14 per cent of the same-sex marriages performed in Finland.

Lapland police “pleasantly surprised” after no drunk drivers caught at sobriety checkpoint

The Lapland Police Department says it was “pleasantly surprised” after no drunk drivers were caught at a sobriety checkpoint in Kittilä, Lapland.

Roughly 700 motorists were stopped as law enforcement officers clamped down on drunk driving during Ruskamaraton, a marathon held annually on the first Saturday of September in Kittilä, Lapland, on 2-3 September.

“The results were a positive surprise for the police when compared to the corresponding weekend in previous year,” reads a press release from the Lapland Police Department.

The officers did, however, issue fines and petty fines to a total of 40 motorists for speeding, the inappropriate use of a mobile phone while driving, and driving an unpinspected vehicle or a vehicle in poor condition.

Parliament issues joint statement against hate speech

The Finnish Parliament has issued a rare joint statement against terrorism, violence and hate speech.

All nine of the political parties and associations represented in the Parliament urge the public to engage in a collected and fact-based debate, and refrain from making unfounded accusations in the wake of the suspected terror attack in Turku, South-west Finland, on 18 August.

“We firmly condemn terrorism in all its forms and all kinds of violence and hate speech,” the statement reads. “We have confidence in the functioning of the rule of law and the operations of authorities in Finland. We are committed to continuing to improve them.”

“As the representatives of our parties, we are committed to fostering security and unity in Finland.”

The signatories of the statement are Juha Sipilä (Centre), Petteri Orpo (NCP), Sampo Terho (BR), Antti Rinne (SDP), Laura Huhtasaari (PS), Touko Aalto (Greens), Li Andersson (LA), Anna-Maja Henriksson (SFP) and Sari Essayah (CD).

Aleksi Teivainen – HT
Photo: Mikko Stig – Lehtikuva

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