Head of investigations commissioner Christa Granroth (left), Head of Criminal Police Robin Lardot and deputy director of Turku area police Kari Puolitaival in a press conference in Turku on 19 August


In a press conference in Turku today at 14 pm local time Finnish police released the following information about yesterday’s knife attacks in Turku.

  • Assailant selected women as victims, the two injured men intervened to help when they came under attack
  • Both casualties are Finnish women
  • Victims between 15 and 67 years old
  • One Italian, one Swede and one British citizen among injured
  • The assailant is conscious, being treated in hospital with non life-threatening injuries
  • He has not co-operated with the police, except confirming his age as being 18 years old
  • 4 other Moroccans are arrested, from private residents and a reception center for asylum seekers in Turku
  • One international arrest warrant has been issued, The 5th suspect, also a Moroccan citizen, is not in Finland at the moment
  • The assailant and other suspects mainly asylum seekers
  • The assailant arrived in Finland in the beginning of 2016
  • Behaviour of the assailant before the event gives reason to investigate the attack as an act of terrorism
  • A van belonging to one of the arrested is being investigated
  • The suspects have not been on police surveillance list
  • No links to terrorist organisations or criminal groups yet confirmed
  • Police not saying if the assailant or arrested had prior criminal records in Finland
  • According to police the attack was premeditated
  • Investigations going on to see if the Turku and Barcelona events were related; Finnish police is co-operating with Europol on this case
  • One immigrant owned pizzeria has been attacked in Turku after the event, police investigating the motives, asking for calm
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    Image: Lehtikuva

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