Following the passing of the Equal Marriage Act, a wedding is held at the Kapsäkki music theater in Helsinki on March 1, 2017. This month a man identified as Ziryan celebrated becoming the first Kurd to hold a same-sex marriage ceremony in Finland.

Arriving in Nebraska by chance 25 years ago, a Finnish photojournalist has now won an international award for his photos capturing rural America. Staying with the US, a Midwest museum is celebrating the art of Finnish immigrants in Michigan. Other international news from this week focused on Scotland’s admiration for Finnish schooling, an Arctic wind park investment and the same-sex marriage of a Kurd in Helsinki.

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Minister of the Interior Paula Risikko held a press conference in Helsinki on 21 March 2017 to discuss a recent opinion survey on Finnish asylum policy. The study was conducted by the University of Vaasa and commissioned by the Ministry of the Interior.

A recent study has revealed that Finns are worried about the polarization of opinion in public discussions about asylum seekers.

Conducted by the University of Vaasa, the study was commissioned by the Ministry of the Interior in order to find out the attitude of Finns towards the government’s asylum policy and the current situation regarding refugees in Finland. 68% of respondents felt that public debates have become dominated by extreme opinions.

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Will Massachusetts take New Jersey’s lead in adopting a Finnish-style baby box program?

The International Business Times examined how Finnish organization Startup Refugees is helping asylum seekers to prosper in the business world. Sticking with startups, a cutting-edge Finnish company looks to break new ground in the development of artificial intelligence. Last but not least, Finland thinks about quitting on coal and more international students are wanted at Finnish universities.

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Helsinki Times Events

The Helsinki Times has launched a new service that encourages users to learn about and explore what’s going on around them. This new feature uses your current location to seek out events that are taking place nearby. Whether you are interested in art exhibitions, networking opportunities or local flea markets, now it’s easy to find out what’s happening in your neighborhood!

Get started by visiting, or by selecting the Events tab from our homepage.

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Finns party leadership candidates Jussi Halla-aho and Sampo Terho at the party’s council meeting in Helsinki on 11 March 2017. The candidates’ opinions regarding Finland’s place in the EU were discussed by the Daily Express this week.

In celebration of Finland’s centenary, The Huffington Post listed all the ways that the US could learn from its 100-year-old ally. On the other side of the pond, the Daily Express was more worried about Finland following in the UK’s footsteps by leaving the European Union. Other international news focused on Syrians swapping Mauritania for Finland, Sami fishing rights and the subzero escapades of freediver Johanna Nordblad.

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Finland's rising wolf population was the subject of a detailed feature by The Guardian

The Guardian took an in-depth look at Europe’s growing wolf population, using Finland’s situation as a case in point. Legalizing euthanasia was a talking point in parliament, while President Sauli Niinistö voiced his security concerns to the rest of Europe. Finally, education in Finland is making a technological shift and men in Florida carry their wives on their back.

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The United Nations Human Rights Committee has voiced its concerns over gender equality and wage gap in Finland as it presented its conclusions on the realisation of civil and political rights in the country on Thursday. In addition, the independent UN body calls attention to the violence experienced by Finnish women and urges the country to enhance the services provided to victims of violence, such as safe houses. Elsewhere, the report highlights the insufficient capacity of the Metsälä reception centre in Helsinki and reproaches Finland for holding asylum-seekers in the adjacent detention unit. Therefore, the committee urges Finland to develop alternative holding facilities and to improve the conditions at Metsälä.


Dasos Capital Oy’s logo in Helsinki on 14 March 2017. A new report by Finnwatch accuses Dasos Capital of managing a tax evasion scheme that is linked to Finnish development aid and the majority government-owned finance company Finnfund.

Finnish development aid has been invested in a fund that is part of a suspected tax evasion scheme, according to a new report by Finnwatch.

The allegations involve Finnfund, a majority government-owned company that is led by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs. Rather than giving aid directly to developing countries, an organization such as Finnfund helps to boost the economy of these countries by investing in private projects and ventures. In this case, one of the companies that Finnfund is associated with, Dasos Capital Oy, is involved in potentially illegal tax planning through a private equity fund based in Luxembourg.

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Venezuelan skier Adrian Solano falls over while competing in the men's 10km individual classic qualification race in the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships. The race took place in Lahti, Finland on 22 February 2017.

He had never set foot on snow before, but that didn’t stop Venezuelan skier Adrian Solano competing in the Nordic World Ski Championships. First out of the gate for the 10km cross-country event on Friday, Solano immediately lost his balance and proceeded to fall over during the first descent.

Things didn’t really improve after that. Indeed, after an impressive assortment of slips, trips and tumbles, it wasn't much of a surprise to see Solano call it a day after 39 minutes of measured progress. His final time would have been enough for a respectable overall position, albeit only 3.5 of the course’s 10km were completed.

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Some 200,000 new private-sector jobs are needed by 2019 in order to encourage the growth of Finland’s gross domestic product, a report by the Ministry of Employment and the Economy underlines. “Private-sector jobs are a prerequisite,” states the Minister of Economic Affairs, Jan Vapaavuori. “They are key because they also facilitate the creation of public-sector jobs.” In particular, the ministry’s report calls for the diversification of industrial structures, with the technology industry identified as one of the key sectors of the future. “Improving work productivity across economic sectors is vital. Meanwhile, a number of companies must look to the overseas market,” Lauri Ihalainen, the Minister of Labour, views.


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