“Donald Trump is ill-equipped to serve as the President of the United States,” says Bruce Oreck, a former US Ambassador to Finland.
“Donald Trump is ill-equipped to serve as the President of the United States,” says Bruce Oreck, a former US Ambassador to Finland.

“Donald Trump may be the single most dangerous man on the planet right now,” says Bruce Oreck, a former US Ambassador to Finland.

Oreck, who is currently an executive in residence for the Aalto University School of Business, was asked by Uusi Suomi to comment on the request of the Republican Party's presidential nominee that Russia dig up the tens of thousands of e-mails his rival candidate, Hilary Clinton, reportedly did not hand over during an inquiry into her tenure as the US Secretary of State.

Inviting a foreign power to hack into the political process is verging on treason, suggested Oreck.

Trump, he estimated, lacks the capacity to lead the last remaining superpower and the largest economic and military power in the world. “This man is just immensely unprepared for the role,” he said to Uusi Suomi in Savonlinna on Thursday.

Oreck assured that he is confident that Clinton will emerge victorious but admitted that Trump can draw on the fears of the public – especially on those of elderly white people and people fearing for their jobs – as the transition from the old to the new continues at an unprecedented pace.

“I believe in my heart come election day Hilary Clinton will be elected,” he said.

“If [Trump] gets elected, the world will not come to an end. The systems of government will contain him as best they can, but he'll be very bad for the world economy, he'll be very bad for the world's political stability.”

Oreck reminded, however, that it is the duty of all citizens to speak their mind about what they consider important.

“Democracy doesn't defend itself. You have to be active to protect democracy. It's delicate. The American voters have to come out and vote. The minorities have to come out and vote – the Latinos, the African Americans, the Asian Americans, the women have to come out and vote,” he stressed.

“They're the ones who're going to swing this election, and if they're not willing to vote, speak their mind about what's important, then they could end up with Donald Trump and the world would move backwards badly for four years.”

He also echoed the assessment of Michael Bloomberg, a former Republican Mayor of New York, that Trump is a con man. Oreck estimated that the presidential nominee will not be able to live up to the promises he has made on the campaign trail, such as building a wall along the US—Mexico border, prohibiting Muslims from entering the United States and scaling down the United States' commitments to Nato.

Aleksi Teivainen – HT
Photo: Roni Rekomaa – Lehtikuva
Source: Uusi Suomi

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