Anni Sinnemäki (Greens) was on Wednesday congratulated by party comrade Osmo Soininvaara after her appointment as Deputy Mayor of Helsinki. “It feels really good,” Emma Kari, the chairperson of the Green Group on the Helsinki City Council, rejoiced on Wednesday evening.

The reason for her jubilant mood was the fact that the Green League had just made history by securing its second high-powered office at the Helsinki City Hall, with Anni Sinnemäki – a 41-year-old councilwoman and Member of Parliament – joining Pekka Sauri as a Deputy Mayor of the city.

Sinnemäki on Wednesday replaced Hannu Penttilä (SDP) as the Deputy Mayor responsible for real estate and city planning by a 49—34 vote. “I'm excited and pleased that I've received the confidence of the City Council,” Sinnemäki commented.

The newly-elected Deputy Mayor pledged to develop Helsinki into a city “that has room for more people – those who were born here and those who move here from other parts of the country or from outside the country's borders”.

She also called attention to the significance of density, green areas and the public transport system for the development of the Finnish capital.

Joonas Laitinen – HS
Aleksi Teivainen – HT
Photo: Sami Kero / HS