Jari Aarnio attended a detention hearing at the District Court of Helsinki on 14 April.A cash stash has been found at the construction site of the house of Jari Aarnio, the suspended chief of the Helsinki Police Department's drug squad, Iltalehti reported on 15 May.

The officers in charge of the investigation have confirmed that a substantial sum of cash has been found but refused to shed further light on the discovery. Information obtained by Helsingin Sanomat suggests that the discovery is in excess of 50,000 euros.

Previously, investigators have revealed that discrepancies in the region of hundreds of thousands of euros have been detected in the personal finances of Aarnio, who is over the past few years believed to have spent over 200,000 euros of dubious origin on the construction project.

Aarnio has been held in detention since November on suspicion of aggravated drug offence and aggravated acceptance of bribes.

Although the District Court of Helsinki has ordered the sequestration of 1.9 million euros in personal assets of Aarnio, the value of assets confiscated remains markedly lower.

At present, the charges against Aarnio must be brought by 27 May. In light of the cash discovery, however, the investigators are expected to call for the postponement of the deadline.

Aarnio has contested the criminal allegations. His defence counsel, Riitta Leppiniemi, said on 15 May that she is not at liberty to discuss the investigation due to the publication prohibition imposed on her.

Minna Passi – HS
LEHTIKUVA / Milla Takala

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