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Five tips to reduce food spoilage.

When Selina Juul moved from Russia to Denmark 20 years ago with her family, the selection at grocery stores made her gasp. What shocked the 13-year-old was next shocked by her classmates' behaviour. Leftovers from uneaten snacks were coldly cast in the bin. This would have been out of the question in Juul's family.

"I was from a communist country. My family could afford food, but it was not always available at stores. We were careful not to waste any food."

Juul is currently in charge of the much-publicised Stop Spild af Mad movement, which aims to spread information on food spoilage, a plague in the Western countries in particular.

Recently Juul gave a lecture in Helsinki during Nordic Day and gave Helsingin Sanomat the best tips on how to reduce wasting food.

Photograph your refrigerator.

Do you easily forget your shopping list at home? Create a new morning routine: snatch a photo of the contents of your refrigerator with your smart phone. At the store you can easily check what you need to buy.

Anticipate holidays.

During Easter and Christmas food is bound to be left over. Make space in the refrigerator in advance and eat the food that would otherwise be left in the back of the fridge.

Choose smaller serving dishes.

We want the table to appear bountiful at a party. There is always too much food at hand that is spoiled at room temperature. Small serving dishes give an abundant appearance with smaller amounts of food.

Carry your shopping basket.

Moveable baskets are increasingly common, and customers put more food in them. Shopping carts have become larger for the same reason. Baskets that can be carried and small carts should be used for moderation.

Bake bread rolls out of porridge.

Children with families often have leftover porridge. These can easily be put in dough.

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